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The Beatles On Ed Sullivan, Paperback Writer and Rain

The Beatles promotional videos of “Paperback Writer” and “Rain” with Ed Sullivan introducing the Beatles, and the Beatles introducing the songs. So as to avoid all the repetitive comments about Paul’s tooth, he chipped it in a motor scooter accident. Now, no more need to ask.
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25 Responses to “The Beatles On Ed Sullivan, Paperback Writer and Rain”

  1. aimtrue45 says:

    They ooze cool from every note. So far ahead of their time, they’re still ahead of our time!

  2. Firebird7478 says:

    Two of the best songs the Beatles ever recorded and the most some of you people get out of it is laughing at Paul’s chipped tooth?

  3. watsongs2012 says:

    Great video!! Priceless!

  4. TheMoonsOfficial says:

    Cool as f**k!!!

  5. Tommy7FilmEpidodes says:

    I loved this single, to hear it on the radio, but thx for this TV version, I have only seen here. I like this period in pop/rock, as it was pre-psychedelic London Mod era pop-music culture, and their music and audio engineering had evolved alot, without the hippie-on-a-trip nonsense. Personally, I think pop/rock got kind of silly after about 1965 1/2.

  6. ProfessorKnobcheeze says:

    *heavy sigh*
    i love them :)

  7. sentechi says:

    that accedent did something to his lip too

  8. kickassfan says:

    Gosh,this is beautiful,thanxs 4 sharing,they are really masters of reinvention

  9. budway1942 says:

    I would be more worried about why the Englsh dont have dentists.

  10. Firebird7478 says:

    @xxalienslayerxx they never downplayed the copying of others. They openly said they lifted something from someone, or copied from someone else. On “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”, Paul is quoted as saying that it was John copying Dylan, and that “Please Please Me” was an homage to Roy Orbison.

  11. xxalienslayerxx says:

    THE BEATLES always used clever wit and sarcasim, to downplay their amazing talent of writing and copying others.

  12. workstrength says:

    anyone note this is when they took the main photo for the Revolver album? (Paperback Writer) They all have the same sunglasses on, and the background is the same.

  13. 1979cl1 says:

    The Beatles are the best and forever!!! The Stones may have outlasted them but the Beatles are still better and their music is better!! BEATLES 4EVER!!!

  14. skeebert says:

    @msmacisso larry, curly, and paul mccartney

  15. beatlesfan07480 says:

    oh no john looks so chubby

  16. cesarmanuel51 says:

    they didn’t sing like that in japan when they sang paperback writer but still cool song

  17. Xmenfan246 says:

    @BellumSacrumBellum28 Guess who Keith Moon’s favourite drummer is? Ringo.

  18. Xmenfan246 says:

    @Elmo111093 Ringo was a master of subtlety (e.g. A Day In The Life), but he could be flashy when required (e.g. She Said She Said, Yer Blues).

  19. 59whiterabbit says:

    Fuckers listen and comment on the music, not his chipped tooth.
    And arse holes with negative comments go and suck Justin Biebers dick, but I guess he is too old for you right ?
    There are THE BEATLES and then there are the rest.

  20. BellumSacrumBellum28 says:

    @Elmo111093 Yeah right. That sucky drummer knows one beat, and nothing more. Keith Moon or John Bonham couldn’t possibly outdo him, could they? Not to mention Scott Travis, Nick Menza or Neil Peart.

  21. stalzz says:

    Umm yeah lip sync was a standard practice on these shows in the 60′s and beyond.
    They rock hard on this even though they’re just miming!

  22. trueSTUFF2296 says:

    @Dogod463 I seee

  23. Elmo111093 says:

    @skint0n0minted Listen to Strawberry Fields Forever. Excellent drumming on that one. But the reason Ringo was so awesome was because he didn’t need to be flashy.

  24. Dogod463 says:

    @trueSTUFF2296 He had a motorcycle accident.

    “McCartney was injured in a moped accident on 26 December 1965, six months prior to the filming of “Rain” and closeups in the film reveal a scarred lip and a chipped tooth”. wikipedia

  25. skint0n0minted says:

    @Elmo111093 pffft, I’ve never heard no really interesting beats from him. Charlie Watts, and The Doors had amazing drummers

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