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The Beatles’ Full Feb 9th, 1964 Ed Sullivan Show Performance

READ THIS! EDIT 2— July 8th, 2010… Wow, my most popular video by far with over 50000 views! Thanks a lot guys! Anyways, if you haven’t checked out my other videos, then feel free to do so ’cause they’re spiffy too! EDIT 1———- Thanks for over 1000 views! Already, too! July 5th, 2008 Please note that I did not make this video or own it. I am showing it for the world to see history when The Beatles became mega-popular in the US after this performance. It’s some good songs. The crowd is going goo-goo over them! That’s how the British Invasion kicked off, which never made music the same ever again! There’s also a little scene at the end, too! I DID NOT MAKE THIS OR OWN THIS. YouTube, don’t delete this video! (c)The Copyright Holders to this video

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25 Responses to “The Beatles’ Full Feb 9th, 1964 Ed Sullivan Show Performance”

  1. TheJohnnyisawesome says:

    @scoundrel555 ikr

  2. ImGoingToBeAnMD says:

    Oh shit, now he’s married and dead!

  3. rollingstonesgirl99 says:

    theyre full of awesomeness! LOVE U GUYS!!!

  4. ellisasmch says:

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  5. kingoftube96 says:

    stop screaming and listen to the music! jeez!
    stupid girls

  6. Stube437 says:

    Strange that John’s hardly in this.

  7. thegreychannel says:

    The dislike bar is as big as Miley Cyrus’s penis.

  8. songoku254 says:

    @xGuitarProdigyx born in 1977 but a mjor beatles fan what can i say

  9. scoundrel555 says:

    how could anyine dislike the awesome-ness that is John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey)

  10. BobEgg1996 says:

    This was the day that the world changed for me. Love this!

  11. WaldoBlvd says:

    I actually remember seeing this! I was only 4 or 5 yrs. old, but I remember rocking out to “I wanna hold your hand”.

  12. squid0862 says:

    Hey people who watch this vid! You won’t know how many spam messages I get because of this video… LOL! Thanks for watching!

  13. squid0862 says:

    @HeHepTV You need to share this vid so it will get more popular!

  14. beatlesforever09 says:

    pretty amazing…the best ever.

  15. xGuitarProdigyx says:

    Like this if you were a 90s kid and wish you grew up during this era of time which would be the best time to grow up

  16. HeHepTV says:

    I love when they shake their heads and go “Ooooo!”

  17. ElizabethxPete says:

    why does this historical event have so few views?

  18. squid0862 says:

    @EpicsaucenessxD Greatiest? Nice new vocabulary thar.

  19. CranberryTabby says:

    The moment in history when everything changed, forever AND for better! And, we shall never see anything like it again. Thank you John, Paul, George, and Ringo for the greatest show on earth!!!

  20. Chuck41148 says:

    I saw this when I was 15 and at my girlfriend, Karen’s house. I was fortunate to get tickets to see the Beatles live in Pittsburgh at The Civic Arena. It was the first time in my life that I was actually afraid of women. Man, if you said anything against these guys, you were dead meat!!!

  21. trueSTUFF2296 says:

    And wtf was paul saying

  22. trueSTUFF2296 says:

    John was married?

  23. evmo0102 says:

    Beatles popularity will never die. You can tell by how frequently these posts come. C’mon – a 47-year old video and posts still come hours apart?

    (am I the only one that chuckles a little at George and his giant guitar?)

  24. oasisfanmatt says:

    how can anyone not like the beatles!!!!! why is their 12 dislikes??!!! :0

  25. MsNancydrew12 says:

    Awesome I love the beatles to death;)

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