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The Beatles’ Full Feb 9th, 1964 Ed Sullivan Show Performance

READ THIS! EDIT two— July 8th, 2010… Wow, my most common video by far with more than 50000 views! Thanks a lot guys! Anyways, if you haven’t checked out my other videos, then feel free to do so ’cause they are spiffy too! EDIT 1———- Thanks for more than 1000 views! Already, too! July 5th, 2008 Please note that I did not make this video or own it. I am showing it for the world to see history when The Beatles became mega-common in the US after this performance. It’s some very good songs. The crowd is going goo-goo more than them! That’s how the British Invasion kicked off, which never ever created music the same ever once more! There’s also a little scene at the finish, too! I DID NOT MAKE THIS OR OWN THIS. YouTube, don’t delete this video! (c)The Copyright Holders to this video

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25 Responses to “The Beatles’ Full Feb 9th, 1964 Ed Sullivan Show Performance”

  1. squid0862 says:


  2. pokemonperson2468 says:

    Fuck John’s married! Oh well there’s still Paul. He’s so funny at the end

  3. 1979cl1 says:

    The BEATLES are 4EVER!!!

  4. jankbass says:

    @tiredboredsick …..LOL…that was Beatlemania! The real one, not the stage show.

  5. Tippet76 says:

    @squid0862 Hey man they couldn’t even spell Beetles right so who really cares about vocab. Spelling has nothing to do with the legitimacy of a statement.

  6. microdon2 says:

    What a great moment in modern musical history. Honestly, it’s hard for me to believe that some people don’t like or appreciate the Beatles. They were so gifted, from such a young age. Much of the music they produced was pure genius and magical. I would bet money there will never be a band to replace them. Long live The Beatles!

  7. angloyank says:

    O.K. Which stupid finks gave this a thumbs down?
    It’s nice that all the Beatles are clearly labeled for easy reference! Very thoughtful.
    Love Paul’s Yorkshire accent at the end. He’s such a ham.

  8. mishaplumb says:

    I’ve heard about this performance, but had never seen it before. They sound just as good live as on their albums! Although it was a little hard to hear over all the girls screaming. My goodness, they were screaming, crying, and I think one nearly fainted! The bow at the end of each song is classy.

  9. tiredboredsick says:

    whats with the screaming idiots??you like the band,you listen to the fuckin music

  10. zumhimmeldonnerw17 says:

    14 People had there speakers off

  11. brownindian17 says:

    I remember that show, I was 18 years old

  12. Kevvrock1208 says:

    @ForbiddenVegetable For I want to hold your hand, yes something happened to the mic, luckily for john, paul took the lead.

  13. yrrepyesac says:

    Wow, VERY solid performance!

  14. manhattanishappening says:

    i wonder what ringo whispers to george or john at 3:36?

  15. Catlovertea4 says:

    First time I’ve seen it since I’ve seen it. chol too great. what a treasure!

  16. 0007mgs says:

    @blackhamster1009 i do every sec of my life

  17. blackhamster1009 says:


    used to?

  18. weathermusiclover54 says:

    Thanks for this video. I use to listen to this group all the time when I was young. This use to be my favorite group. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  19. Chrisimandias says:

    BTW the beginning is very professional.

  20. squid0862 says:

    @OBIT3 You obviously haven’t read all of my comments on this video, have you?

  21. OBIT3 says:

    Great video, but it’s not the full Feb 9 performance. The Beatles sang five songs. The missing song is “I Saw Her Standing There,” which started their second set.

  22. scottmackeen says:

    @EpicsaucenessxD Well, duh.

  23. Listen2theMusic3 says:

    It would have been amazing to see them live.

  24. LastPhyrexian says:

    @squid0862 sick burn?

  25. cornball918 says:

    Even Ed Sullivan was charmed by The Beatles. :) Totally live; lovely.

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