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The Beatles First Ed Sullivan Show Appearance (original)

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25 Responses to “The Beatles First Ed Sullivan Show Appearance (original)”

  1. Mirada84 says:

    This nation needed this after the start of a depressing time from 3 months earlier. After JFK’s head was blasted apart.

  2. olderthandadirt says:

    @gaarasandgurl But who could afford to go? Tickets were over $5.00 a piece! lol

  3. BradinPhilippines says:

    I lived it. Went to the 5&dime and bought a beatles wig for a dollar until i could grow my own hair. Incredible, yet innocent time.

  4. Burnzi2 says:

    10:52 Probably the first time Americans had heard a northern accent…probably the last time until OASIS.

  5. Burnzi2 says:

    Yeah thats who they’re there to see, Ed Sullivan…

  6. Alpacajon says:

    Ringo = Gary Lineker in the 80s

  7. Gothicanime20 says:

    I love this! The look on Ringo’s face is all “Holy shit I’m in America and they like me!”

  8. cheeseychickenisgood says:

    What the hell is up with that girl licking her lips at the 4:38 mark?

  9. cheeseychickenisgood says:


  10. cheeseychickenisgood says:

    WTF?! Creepy @438.

  11. espnemail555 says:

    Them four guys got the most pussy in the history of pussy. 

  12. mjw9363 says:

    you a lot of younger people think of The Beatles as a “boy band”…..difference is……It’s not so easy to play instruments and sing at the same time…..these guys were rock MUSICIANS….not “singers”…… my generation if you couldn’t kick ass on a instrument we weren’t interested….

  13. mclaugb says:

    48 years later and we’re still waiting for the next big thing… :-(

  14. theconcernedbanana says:

    I loved watching Paul get excited over hearing his song on the radio in the hotel. It made me realise that, through all the fame and fortune, he still has human feelings and human emotions. Loved the vid and loved the Beatles. God bless.

  15. mrfester42 says:

    Here’s a bit of trivia for you all. Did you know that Ed Sullivan had really big shoes?

  16. mrfester42 says:

    @gringolazlo That goes a long way BUT it would be a waste of time without talent!

  17. Cynsonproductions says:

    sorry girls, he’s married

  18. TulsaLaniB says:

    My first experience with true love….my favorite guitarist forever George. My old age has gifted me the memories of listening to the guy’s talents & joying in the vision of their success.

  19. claynpendleton says:

    What a night
    such a high

  20. bratsbord81 says:

    @sixtiesforever1966 exactly, I grew up on music from the 60′s thanks to my parents and one of the first songs my 10 year old learned was a Beatles song “Drive my car” when she was a toddler, I think it is so important to pass on history to your children to keep it alive, music being part of history, not just what is in history books!~Kristie

  21. sixtiesforever1966 says:

    @bratsbord81 At least we have YouTube and you can pretend to be front and center at the Ed Sullivan Show and seeing the first Beatles TV Show in the USA.
    The 1960′s were a great time in Music History, I wish you were there because you seem to be interested in the music…. David

  22. Stefandurrr says:

    @barricade456 So…. you’re an idiot.

  23. bratsbord81 says:

    @sixtiesforever1966 I was nowhere LOL My mother wasn’t even born yet, but I sure wish I was around back then!


    The best fab four genius original lovable
    And the cutest haircuts and English
    Accented well sounding lads ever to
    Come to the USA

  25. gringolazlo says:

    the Beatles success was down to their constant gigging together (8 hour long sets, 5 nights a week) For any band to play this often with each other would make them extremely tight. So if you’re in a band and want success… jam with your band every waking hour.

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