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The Andy Griffith Show (S8E30) – Mayberry RFD(1/2)

Season 8 – Episode 30: Sam Jones is joined in Mayberry by his old Army buddy, Mario Vinchenti, and his family. More seasons and episodes to come so PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

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12 Responses to “The Andy Griffith Show (S8E30) – Mayberry RFD(1/2)”

  1. 20alphabet says:

    Now I see why nobody wants to live by Italians ! Some of the loudest people on earth.

  2. greyoctopus says:

    so that’s where that music is from! it was stuck in my head for longest time!!!!

  3. 9280Mark says:

    @yomie100 R.F.D stands for “Rural Free Delivery”, a quaint postal depiction of the rural Mayberry community

  4. yomie100 says:

    What is R F D???

  5. phsycoblah says:

    *sigh Andy Griffith show isn’t the same without Barney or Gomer or Floyd:/

  6. lukebanditchip says:

    @darlingpresleyrocks He played Vinton on Mama’s Family! Ken Berry is his name.

  7. rani1223 says:

    @CadillacL Wow! That was fast!

  8. CadillacL says:

    @rani1223 It is? I guess it hadn’t moved to RFD yet.

  9. rani1223 says:

    @CadillacL This isn’t a “Mayberry RFD” episode! It’s an “Andy Griffith Show” episode!

  10. darlingpresleyrocks says:

    the guy in blue shirt in beginnin…what other shows is he in.. he looks like someone frm 80s sitcom???

  11. flipside1545 says:

    thanks alex..another great vid!!

  12. CadillacL says:

    Classic episode of Mayberry R.F.D. Lookin forward to more episodes.

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