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The Andy Griffith Show (S5E25) – The Case of the Punch in the Nose(1/3)

Season five – Episode 25: Barney brews up trouble when he attempts to solve an old assault case between Floyd the barber and grocer Charlie Foley. Much more seasons and episodes to come so PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Andy Griffith Show (S5E25) – The Case of the Punch in the Nose(1/3)”

  1. tanquantwal says:

    Does anybody know the name of the episode where Helen calls Thelma Lou childish and they argue then Andy agree’s with Helen and him and Barney argue? Haven’t seen it in a while.

  2. wardrizzt says:

    Floyd in a fight lol classic! Even!

  3. rebekahcraven87 says:

    Lord Jesus Christ still loves and saves from sins. Never be afraid to ask me how. ) God bless Israel. )

  4. 2010metsfan says:

    I love Gober’s silly argument about reading the same comic book…

  5. karanjhalaguy16578 says:

    like Nirvana? Floyd the Barber? oh nevermind

  6. lukebanditchip says:

    watch when they are out on the street check out Floyd, it is not Howard McNear. It was a stand in for him.

  7. dmbfan07cb says:

    @BOBLOU3 Really?

  8. BOBLOU3 says:

    @dmbfan07cb ME TOO

  9. BOBLOU3 says:

    @dmbfan07cb OMG, AMAZING, ME TOO!

  10. dmbfan07cb says:

    i have panic attacks and this show always helps calm me right down.

  11. SpaceAceTX says:

    @MoodyHyadd It is a great way to unwind after work, good call.
    I always think of Mayberry in the way “A Stop at Willoughby” was portrayed in The Twilight Zone.
    Watch that episode & you’ll understand.
    Mayberry has always been my Willoughby.

    P.S. Rod Serling cited this as his favorite story from the first season of the series, I agree

  12. PeanutsOmpty says:

    old shit

  13. xanderluv says:

    floyd was basically saying that barney needed some pussy!! lol

  14. TheSquirtster says:

    One of the greatest tv shows in the world! I’m 21

  15. UTubeVideoBuzz says:

    Barney is Way To Hyper to be Deputy, shit 1 could Never Talk Their Way Out of a Ticket LOL

  16. carriacou37 says:

    just now found your iste. i am only getting 9 or so minutes of episodes. something else i need to do??? great tv show!!!!!

  17. benjaminchaffins says:

    i watch this…. and i am only thirteen

  18. MANKATO311 says:

    Do you think Floyd the Barber had a little something going with young Opie.I was just wondering?

  19. journeylive says:

    barney is a frikken instagator and a pain in the azz!!

  20. Saberwind45871 says:

    good singing

  21. davidperi says:

    I like what Floyd said about Barney, “Barney is not married that´s the reason he acts the way he does.!” Love it.

  22. endorphinz says:

    Bobby Gribble hates Emma Lawrence…can’t you just see them waaaay back in school, with him tuggin’ her pigtails and name-callin’, hiding her pencils, making fun and everything…ooooh, she’ll get even with him now!

  23. jdh023 says:

    Floyd the Barber was such a great character and so well played by the actor.

  24. jagang31 says:

    @BKkillaz fuck you, and the horse you rode in on, like I said using one of Americas most trusted men to pimp obamas abomination is a crime!!!

  25. BKkillaz says:

    @jagang31 plz dont bring that bullshit here, end it now and drop the subject

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