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The Andy Griffith Show (S4E32) – Gomer Pyle, USMC(two/3)

Season 4 – Episode 32: Gomer decides that he desires to join the Marine Corps. Andy attempts to discourage him, but Gomer is determined to succeed. A lot more seasons and episodes to come so PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!
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25 Responses to “The Andy Griffith Show (S4E32) – Gomer Pyle, USMC(two/3)”

  1. djdetonator23 says:

    @NYFranc260 Shazaam!

  2. AarHan3 says:

    4:42 – Time to die… >:^)

  3. ridgerunner721601 says:

    @AlexMOFUKA Alex, I just wanted to thank you for posting these terrific old episodes of The Andy Griffith Show and Gomer Pyle USMC. For some reason Hollywood stopped putting out great shows like this a few years ago. I don’t know why. But thankfully, shows like these are on film and online for everybody to enjoy.

  4. rebekahcraven87 says:

    Lord Jesus Christ still loves and saves from sins and He can save to the uttermost your money can not buy it your works can not buy it only Him. Feel´╗┐ free to ask me how to be saved

  5. chessexpert53 says:

    thank you for posting, they are great

  6. Tony63909 says:

    By the time Gomer’s enlistment ends, He’ll be up to one million years of K.P.

  7. GarthanSaal444 says:

    Were you born a fat, slimy, scumbag puke piece o’ shit, Private Pyle, or did you have to work on it?

    OOPS! Wrong Gomer Pyle!!

    That scene of Pyle wearing Carter’s dress blues had me busting out laughing!

  8. NYFranc260 says:


  9. tasteegold777 says:

    i’ve seen all the classic tv serials and the black and white andy griffiths are the funniest shit i’ve ever seen next to the three stooges!!

  10. divebomber101 says:

    andy really was being a true friend by watching out for gomer like that. its a shame that people like to take advantage of others who may not be as smart. kinda sad. luckily they depicted in lightly in this show.

  11. derrickmcpherson44 says:

    was that guy an real di?

  12. starspangled86 says:

    @SergeantReese i think he used to be a real gunnery sergeant, so he knew how to act like one obviously lol

  13. starspangled86 says:

    aww gomer, don’t be modest, you sing great (in your baritone voice) lol

  14. Johnnyboy792 says:

    GREAT POST !!! I LOVE IT !!!!

  15. dasfmn1997 says:

    1:03, Carter: “My Grandmother moves faster than that!”
    Pyle: “Well bless her heart”. LOL!!!

  16. CaptChaos1981 says:

    0:20 – Watch the guy standing next to Gomer

  17. PaulNuz says:

    I love the coffee shop scene. Andy pulled a number on Carter, who always thought he knew everything. Carter may be a tough Marine, but the Andys and Gomers of the world are much better human beings than the Carters.

  18. bandet888 says:

    My grandma moves faster than that! Well bless her heart! lol

  19. OnlyGreatness007 says:

    I wonder if Forrest Gump is a descendant of Gomer Pyle?

  20. dhucke4assembly says:

    Sgt Carter is the Best

  21. SwitchFoot2007 says:

    ”Be with ya in a minute Sarge” ….Uhh Yeah Right

  22. SwitchFoot2007 says:

    lol@ ” be right there sarge” Uhhhh…yeah right. If this was the real Marine Corps and a boot said that, the DI would be all over him and he would be quarter decked 200 push ups …200 pull ups and head detail for 6 weeks.


    “Well bless her heart.”

  24. SergeantReese says:

    Frank Sutton was a damn good actor.

  25. 431516020205 says:

    just plain great!!!

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