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The Andy Griffith Show (S3E02) – Andy’s Rich Girlfriend(2/3)

Season 3 – Episode 2: Upon discovering that Peggy comes from a wealthy family, Andy begins to worry that he is too unsophisticated for her. More seasons and episodes to come so PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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16 Responses to “The Andy Griffith Show (S3E02) – Andy’s Rich Girlfriend(2/3)”

  1. Howlett123 says:

    surprised to see the alcohol … Mayberry is a temperance town … but then they had to drive a fair pace to get to that restaurant

  2. CraigKramer says:

    Fag waiter

  3. michaeljustussvcc says:

    Barney’s forensic analysis of “a rich girl” bahaha!

  4. LEELANDFAN1 says:

    Barney just loves drama!

  5. GWingMan20 says:

    The background noise in the restraunt is about a 5 second loop and the same noise repeats over and over again. Listen hard and you can hear that laugh every time lol

  6. visaman says:

    @dlmsuperdave In one episode Andy get’s a snootful from Otis hilarity ensues,

  7. VictoriaRu29 says:

    Southern women have such charm and beauty. Joanna Moore was from Georgia, what a lovely, accomplished lady, Peggy is surely the prettiest of all Andy’s belles!

  8. wyowelch says:

    what is wrong with ordering a Beer? Even at a nice place.

  9. Bestofark says:

    I wonder who drove them back to Mayberry Andy drinkin and all I love this show.

  10. davids1ful says:

    fu+cken Barney ass bite

  11. brewersigns says:

    andy and barney can’t be beat……..

  12. dlmsuperdave says:

    This is the only time I ever saw Andy drink an alocholic beverage

  13. sonor23 says:

    The only thing I didn’t like about Mayberry was that it was in a dry county . Otherwise , I’d have been totally happy there . : )

  14. sanedesigns says:

    Gotta love Barney.

  15. ShawDAMAN says:

    I love that whole scene that ends at 3:15. lol. Great show

  16. Alexhalulko says:

    I’m always happy when I’m watching This show

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