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The Andy Griffith Show (S3E01) – Mr. McBeevee(1/3)

Season 3 – Episode 1: Andy and Barney believe Opie is letting his imagination get the best of him when the boy describes a new friend (Karl Swenson) who jingles when he walks and has twelve extra hands. More seasons and episodes to come so PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

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25 Responses to “The Andy Griffith Show (S3E01) – Mr. McBeevee(1/3)”

  1. rebekahcraven87 says:

    Lord Jesus Christ is the only way for eternal salvation

  2. rustydog1236 says:

    I thought their back door had a porch with the freezer on it that Aunt Bea wouldn’t ‘call the man’ to fix.

  3. IzMyFashion says:

    Poor Opie. :’) he had to give it awayy….

  4. IzMyFashion says:

    Wooahh! I’ve never seen the outside of their back door!! :) Crazzyyy

  5. Aawsome0 says:

    Poor Opie :(

  6. OdieFan09 says:

    All thats on TV nowadays is for the most part crap. its good to be able to go on the internet and watch something good whenever you want.

  7. TheCatsablanca says:

    AlexMOFUKA’s First Video.

  8. bdillan1957 says:

    you are turning people away from Jesus
    stop your advertizing

  9. rebekahcraven87 says:

    Lord Jesus Christ still loves and saves from sins and He can save to the uttermost your money can not buy it your works can not buy it only Him. Feel free to ask me how to be saved.

  10. sandv1ch says:

    im 17, and ive been watching old movies and shows since i was very little. if my mom wasnt so old and didnt have all these old movies, i wouldnt be into them at all. bless my mom :D

  11. quaggins says:

    hey guys i have a trailer for an andy griffith movie called mr mcbeevee check it out if you want

  12. TheCliffPhilShow says:

    Great show!:)

  13. inab777 says:

    great quality thank you!

  14. skyangel1100 says:

    notice at 835-840,there looks to be some kind of animal coming out of that old tree trunk right by Opie’s right shoulder,can anybody tell what that is?i know i see something sticking its head out,then bringing it back in,from that old tree trunk.

  15. halo123ads says:

    @lonewulf44 AGREED!!!

  16. UuuuKnoooo says:

    I grew up watching reruns with my grandfather! Sweet memories! ( I live outside the US now, and until I found your channel was unable to watch. TV land dot com blocks outside USA.) I’d hug you if I could! Thanks again!!

  17. WrestlingHeretic says:

    They always tried to open each season with a story exploring the relationship between Andy and Opie, and this very clever episode is no exception.

  18. isaacax444 says:

    @cardonaedgardo yeah it does, maybe he is

  19. cardonaedgardo says:

    The actor who plays the role of Mr. McBeevee, is he Irish? By his accent, he sounds like he is.

  20. swilloughby32 says:


  21. DeletedDolls says:

    I love you alex! XD

  22. whimsyism says:

    Such a great episode!
    Could you upload that episode from the 5th season where Opie starts a newspaper?

  23. cardonaedgardo says:

    Opie sure did fooled Barney, alright!!! Hahahaha!!!! For a moment, Barney really did thought Opie had a horse. Tahahahaha!!!! That was really good!!!!!

  24. tootyfruity9514 says:

    Lol, this is pretty funny. It’s so sad, he was so upset that there was no horse. LOL

  25. classic287 says:

    The Andy Griffith Show is # 1. The best ever, and this episode is both funny and heart wrentching. Ronny Howard’s performance is superb……

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