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The Adventures of Pete & Pete – Opening Theme – Season One (Higher Quality Audio)

This is the opening theme to the first season (1993-94) of the television show The Adventures of Pete & Pete. The original audio track has been replaced by a higher quality version. The song is an edited version of “Hey Sandy” by Polaris.

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25 Responses to “The Adventures of Pete & Pete – Opening Theme – Season One (Higher Quality Audio)”

  1. HPmob420 says:

    to the two people who didnt like this go kiss my and artie’s asses mofos

  2. mustafaFLOUTStheDMCA says:

    @Speigeleisen – Well you can put that gun away because seasons one and two are currently available on DVD. Season three so far is a no show.

  3. genestarwindjf80 says:

    I just turn 30yrs and going through my past from watching too manty TV as a kid. I remember WATCHING ALL OF NICKELODEON TV SHOWS WE HAVE THE BEST SHOWS EVER GAME SHOWS CARTOONS ECT. But this was all time classic even though I never got into PETE N PETE but still great NICK. All of you can’t remember this or the future and today generation of NICK needs to learn their history cause OUR SHOW KICK ASS.

  4. TheRoofus27 says:

    @DJSoUnDBoyy12189 Same here man, I get confused about shit that comes on tv, or video games, remember sonic the fuckin hedgehog, that was the shit, I’d watch this and play games, never once worrying about bill’s or being sick, or god forbid, someone close dying, now that I’m grown that’s all that seem’s to happen, man what happened?

  5. AskMitchJackson says:

    @Speigeleisen Yes!

  6. gah2dantz says:

    I was 39 years old when this program aired. It was funny, quirky and often poignant. It was a good quality show, entertaining on multiple levels, and I miss it, even though it was not a part of my childhood.

  7. cdlopez420 says:

    @DJSoUnDBoyy12189 —- i completely understand where ur coming from.. no other years rocked like the 90′s did.. too bad they cant air ALL th 90′s shows. nick,disney, cartoon network, abc, fox.. etc.

  8. Speigeleisen says:

    @JReneeYay Well i guess that means the hunt is on for the rest of my childhood on dvd ….

  9. distantlandmusic says:

    i miss this show! when nick amazing. this start up song kicks ass with the band polaris!

  10. JReneeYay says:

    @Speigeleisen seasons 1&2 are. I own them :)

  11. JReneeYay says:

    @Speigeleisen season 1&2 are. I own them :)

  12. Shaggysan says:

    This is simply the best show ever. No questions asked

  13. Speigeleisen says:

    I’d kill for this to be on DVD

  14. scabjelly says:

    What happened to the great future they convinced us to give this up for?

  15. scabjelly says:

    What happened to the great future they convinced us to give this up for?

  16. Djsimonroc88 says:

    This was the best show ever on Nick.. 90s were the golden age of Nickelodeon…. This song takes me back to my childhood days.

  17. geeyourgay says:

    man, they sure don’t make shows like this anymore. It’s sad! This really takes me back to when I was a kid.

  18. vivelecorn says:

    This is the show that truly put Nickelodeon in the mainstream back in the days so thanks Pete & Pete for making Nick start it golden years from the late 80′s – late 90′s :-)

  19. LatteBoy123 says:

    @DJSoUnDBoyy12189 I’m six years older and it got me too. What a great show.

  20. UhHuhHer85 says:

    My eyes are watering just from looking at this. Damn…… bring back my childhood! I’m getting too damn old.

  21. da133 says:

    i just think this is a good song, i watched pete & pete when i was a kid too but it wasnt my favorite show. my childhood was great but i think i am a happier person now, i dont have bedtimes, can do whatever i want, and have much more freedom which is exactly what i wanted back then.

  22. XxMRxSINISTERxX says:

    i got the first two seasons on dvd. whenever im missin the old days, i just watch some pete and pete. id do anything to go back and just be a kid again. summer break meant waking up, goin to play some football with the neighbor kids, watchin all the good shows on nickelodean, going back out to play, being called home by my ma for dinner, goin back out to play, watchin some nickelodean b4 bed, and then repeating it all the next day!

  23. ThePulp0 says:

    I almost cried watching this video
    It’s not like I miss being a kid (maybe just a little), but miss so many thing so much…. This intro just reminded me all the things that now are gone and forever… all the time that has passed.
    So nostalgic

  24. metaldude630 says:

    @DJSoUnDBoyy12189 it’s sad. im 23 and feel a bit gutted thats it’s gone.

  25. DressCode2005 says:

    @DJSoUnDBoyy12189 I got chills watching the Wonder Years Intro

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