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The Adventures of Pete and Pete – Time Tunnel – Part 1

s02e13 part 1/4

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25 Responses to “The Adventures of Pete and Pete – Time Tunnel – Part 1”

  1. bozardio says:

    Came to see this due to the end of DST

  2. coppatop says:

    I think of this episode every single year on daylight savings time.

  3. toasted84 says:

    5:21 Teddys face looks like hes getting a blowjob!!

  4. translucentorb says:


  5. nomie321 says:

    NICKELODEON is bringing the 90s TV shows & cartoons back. Search -THE 90s ARE ALL THAT- online and on facebook!

  6. mustang6172 says:

    Half of me is nostalgic. The other half is yelling at the monitor about the time change not happening until 2am, or the fall hour making up for the spring hour. Which half would you say is nerdier?

  7. adiostraitorobama says:

    When big Pete got on the horse, and his friend said “What’s with you?” I said out loud to myself “Just practicing” and busted up laughing.

  8. TheoHuxtable07 says:

    5:38 “Well, give me one doll hair. Come on, I want it.”

    Haha Teddy.

  9. lexiirochelle says:

    has anyone else seen i now pronounce you chuck and larry? they stole the dollar/doll hair line from this!

  10. OnThatPowder says:

    my brains bleed with nostalgia when watching this

  11. DSkehan2004 says:

    Pete & Pete!

  12. MrBballer17 says:

    ellen i want to eat your toes yummy!!!!!!!!

  13. MrBballer17 says:

    ellen your feet is soo cute the ballpen is soo lucky =)

  14. MrBballer17 says:

    ellen your feet is soo cute…….

  15. TheProdigy904 says:

    @heymamawolf the song is Magnetic Fields – Why I Cry

  16. TheProdigy904 says:

    @gustavoc16 Chug – Flowers
    it’s on youtube

  17. retrogroovygal111 says:

    OMG, I tried to time warp the other day, but it didn’t work for me. I think I did it wrong.

  18. dontforget50370 says:


    Awesome tradition, thanks for the upload

  19. l33tpwnzord says:

    I never watched this as a kid….

    The dialog is contrived.

  20. aridogg2 says:

    i’m stockin up on some Riboflavin- 12 mintues to go till time travel

  21. AceDT311 says:

    That’s one lucky pen at 3:52.

  22. TheMiamifuentes says:

    THE THE – This is the day

  23. raggingbull96 says:

    i cant believe it i use to watch this in the 90s.. thanks man thanks for the flashback

  24. gustavoc16 says:

    song at 2:18 ??

  25. gustavoc16 says:

    song at 2:18 ??

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