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the adventures of pete and pete opening

the opening of one of Nickelodian’s greatest tv shows back in the 90′s. Enjoy!

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25 Responses to “the adventures of pete and pete opening”

  1. therealgergory says:

    aww!! I must download this!!!

  2. mcaf5009 says:

    artie was the best character

  3. milkmanv1 says:

    @420JonesZ Well done, sir

  4. SHANECIY01 says:

    i misss this show!

  5. racerkid2186 says:

    @zerokid17 the xx people hate pete and pete comments should be set up to automatically change with the number. youtube get on this now

  6. malakismail2184 says:

    Petunia lol

  7. dawnofthedeadling says:

    Man, whatever happened to TV. I miss stuff like this.

  8. cragmac1000 says:

    One of my most favorite episodes was the Daylight savings time episode, where Pete’s brother pete and Artie: the strongest Man………in the world are time travelers the moment the clock strikes midnight, where you get to do everything over again for an hour! I also really enjoyed the day with Stu the bus driver, that was cool oh and the Tapioca pudding/ fake sick episode that was awesome, I just like ‘em all really!

  9. cragmac1000 says:

    @zerokid17 , what a bunch of PIPES!

  10. TheCarlosTest says:


    Those guy doesn’t have life…..

  11. 420JonesZ says:

    Lil Pete escaping to Canada for Freedom.
    Big Pete wondering what the hell Mr. Slurm’s “Special Project” is.
    Mom finding the perfect spot to piss.
    Mom’s Plate picking up police reports to track down Lil Pete’s location.
    Dad seeing if his coffee taste like dirt.
    Ellen senting messages to Pete’s.
    Artie fighting Dad’s bowling ball “Rolling Thunder”.
    Petunia dancing.

  12. polisherci says:

    Wonder where can I find this show again, I want to watch it all over again now.

  13. Bryanccc3 says:

    Ohh the glory day’s of Nick…. T_T

  14. RAZRfreak says:


  15. crazyhorse1369 says:

    @Skyfire08 I agree

  16. crazyhorse1369 says:

    @666JESUSWILLBURN666 yup

  17. crazyhorse1369 says:

    @DWiggS1000 HELL YEAH , i agree with you .

  18. crazyhorse1369 says:

    @DaArcaneNinja i hear ya , im almost 20 and i feel old lol

  19. crazyhorse1369 says:

    @Laety o yes

  20. crazyhorse1369 says:

    @mryjn420090 this show is awesome

  21. PhilM662 says:

    anyone know where the show was filmed? That house looks very familiar, like it’s been on other shows before.

  22. zerokid17 says:

    OMG! 10 people hate pete and pete? Those people need better taste in TV

  23. claudis01 says:

    No offense but nickelodeon doesn’t compare to the awesome shows back then. The only reason I would look forward to the weekend in middle school was of
    Course SNICK…I truly miss those days :(

  24. claudis01 says:

    Sorry but nickelodeon doesn’t compare
    Now a days to the awesome shows back in the 90s. One of the reasons I would look forward to the weekend was of
    Course snick… :( I miss those good old

  25. thelupoistheman1 says:

    Greatest TV show theme song of all time! Goddamn the memories!!

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