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The Addams Family members Tree

Pugsley and Wednesday start off a row at a birthday party when their gift of a tarantula upsets Harold, the birthday boy. Harold’s parents insist that the Addams children lack breeding and, as a result, are no longer allowed to play with their son. Gomez and

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25 Responses to “The Addams Family members Tree”

  1. 9foxgrl15 says:

    I love this show!!

  2. SpockLover27 says:

    Lurch you handsome devil. :3

  3. lilbizzyizzy says:

    i’m an 8 year old girl love this

  4. TheClairee01 says:

    @girlygirlgg226 lo me to ppl who love this show unite lol

  5. kris242 says:

    I often times envy Gomez. Morticia is such a classy, beautiful lady.

  6. gagnonredh says:

    whys everyone saying theyre ages?? lol im 18 and have loved this show ever since i was a little girl <3

  7. charlesthepoet2004 says:

    charles h. miranda OR:

  8. diana9martin6 says:

    @jangoball ME 2!

  9. dramphyr says:

    Greatest show ever

  10. MutleeIsTheAntiGod says:

    @MGMDigitalMedia Please get all of them up!

  11. foreveryours589 says:

    i’m 11 and i think this show is so awesome. i LOVE it

  12. jangoball says:

    I’m 12 and I love this show

  13. paniuroczy says:

    @MGMDigitalMedia me too! I am sixteen and just recently became obsessed. I love Morticia, especially, she is divine. what a show! I’ve been missing out.

  14. MsNinjaGirl237 says:

    two d’S?

  15. kklove989 says:

    @dynopup94 IT’S AWESOME!!! I <3 THIS SHOW :)

  16. dynopup94 says:

    @kklove989 bout fifty years ago

  17. kklove989 says:

    When was this made?

  18. TheMiros26 says:


  19. VioletEve98 says:

    SHOOT EM’ IN THE BACK!@!!!!!

  20. VioletEve98 says:

    may god bless that family…..;]

  21. soso694 says:

    Because I’m 16, I only remember the cartoon but I’m going to start watching this as well.

  22. 2008atwt says:

    I love the humor in this show more than anything. subtle,yet so entertaining

  23. Merrida100 says:

    bummer, mine won’t download. I just get a black screen……

  24. elvon678 says:

    @girlygirlgg226 me to even being 13 lol

  25. plordyne says:

    i used to love them

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