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The A-Team Debut Movie Trailer [HD]

The A-Team Debut Movie Trailer [HD] Director: Joe Carnahan Release: 6/11/2010 Genre: Action/Adventure Studio: 20th Century Fox TAGS: The A-Team Debut Movie Trailer [HD] machinima joe carnahan 20th century fox tv show faceman hannibal smith howling mad murdock ba ba baracus mr t bradley cooper hangover liam neeson star wars sharlto copley district 9 quinton rampage jackson mma ufc new 2010 yt:top quality=high FOR A lot more MACHINIMA GOTO:

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25 Responses to “The A-Team Debut Movie Trailer [HD]”

  1. monjurulislam001 says:

    I love the different feels the movies on give you nowadays, like the first second third movies aren’t as dark, but the progressively get darker and darker, literally too they even have better picture now lol

  2. sathiswi says:

    I’m going to be crying my freaking eyes out through this whole movie at and I don’t give a fuck that I will be surrounded by a bunch of people! THIS WILL BE EPIC!!! Legen…… wait for it….. DARY!

  3. lighsulitu1972 says:

    Visit if You would like to watch it in HD

  4. aiocezar says:

    There shouldn’t even be an inequality or even a question. This movie will ALWAYS be the most BRILLIANT series on EVER. No inequality. No question. No second guessing. Not even a thought of Twilight being better…

  5. MarioMarioMario12345 says:

    Now for all of you saying MAN I WISH I WAS IN THIS MOVIE at!!! In a way you were, you were the audience that kept the series alive. Without an audience what good is the book series or the movies, so as this series comes to an end give your selves a round of applause you’ve earned it.

  6. bluezrockable says:

    For years, this brilliant movie at has starstruck the entire world. But as the door slams shut in the epic conclusion of the Battle of Hogwarts, I burst into pure emotion. This movie will end in not yet a thrilling end, but a sad emotional ending.

  7. kopijosger says:

    I can’t help but cry. I think no other movie/series/books on has ever meant so much to so many people across the Globe! Journey throughout his life feels like a personal journey for me too.

  8. Deepak11637 says:

    I watched this trailer with eyes and mouth wide opened. I can’t believe it will be so great. I can’t believe it will be the end. I saw it on The one thing in my life, i will never understand,? is HOW CAN PEOPLE DISLIKE THIS?

  9. jwei444 says:

    @UMadOrSomething Cock spammers. lol.

  10. roadepmejus1987 says:

    My God! This Movie is Awesome! I just watched it! Go

  11. superelbeaner says:

    i would not like to be in any type of aircraft with that pilot… nigguh crazy as fuck.

  12. dinesh98ful says:

    I saw it at midnight in 3D at And I want to see it again and again and … yeah, again. Best 3D movie i’ve ever seen! And while i watched it, I got chills and i’m stunned. Awesome movie! My fav of all time!

  13. TheKakaramu says:

    Ive seen it, like just came home, it was AWESOME movie on….!!!!! I expected it to be good, but it turned out even better!!! I LOVED IT!!! Its so sad that this was the last movie… Anyways best movie i’ve ever seen and perhaps ever will see.

  14. TheDeathMassacre says:

    This movie was amazing with this cast don’t complain

  15. TheMrGilatar says:

    This was actually a pretty good movie.
    “You spin me right round, baby right round. Rotors are good, sir!”
    I’ll never forget that moment! :D

  16. forTehTube says:

    Fuck yeah, im seeing this tomorrow on baby! ;) I actually don’t care about all these spoilers and all, I’ll believe it when I see it. I know just how you feel. If you haven’t read the books I’m sure it’s a great movie, cause it really is!

  17. TheKakaramu says:

    This movie is BRILLIANT! I have never cried during a movie on, end never felt to, except for this movie. I didn’t cry, but I felt that I wanted to, it was amazing !!! Thumbs up if you watchwd first day first show.

  18. chanegreen019 says:

    Liam FREAKING Nesson!<33333
    oh yeah, and Fuck you all the spammers!

  19. scottsman429 says:

    @ThePlinsko This is The A-team not harry pothead you retard.

  20. MinecraftSPMP says:

    “1) close your eyes 2) think about how much money you want 3) copy and past into ten other videos 4)look under you pillow ****this really works****”

  21. HeyMrArnstein says:

    Are there ANY comments that don’t involve stupid movie sites? Come on people!

  22. AmeeKalaha447 says:


  23. hootie4him says:

    I could make a better A-Team movie. I know more about The A-Team’s origin than anyone in Hollywood. The A-Team’s origin is talked about in the 5th season.

  24. desetnik15second says:

    the movie is fake so much, and again the Germans are bad guys which is stupid.

  25. boomslangchao says:

    was it a good movie?

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