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The $10000 Pyramid, pt. b1

With Loretta Swit & McLean Stevenson and Anita Gillette & David Spielberg.

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19 Responses to “The $10000 Pyramid, pt. b1”

  1. Ddog2k3 says:

    In the very begining,  “Things That You Hunt” and Dick Clark says YEESSS!!! LOL

  2. smoothpants says:

    @thewhammy83 – You would be right.

  3. Hondo20132 says:

    @vnisanian2001 It’s from the fifth episode. The full episode was uploaded (boy, is YouTube ever amazing…)

  4. gameshowluvr86 says:

    @vnisanian2001 The win at 0:13 is from the very first week EVER of the Pyramid. It took place on the Friday, March 30, 1973 episode. The contestant, Bob Lion, won the top prize after seven times in the Winner’s Circle… The full episode was posted a couple of weeks ago! Cool. huh? :-D

  5. drdjkennedy says:

    @thewhammy83 I think you are right about everyone except the “flat” clue. I’m pretty sure that’s Rita Moreno.

  6. blozier2006 says:

    is it just me, or in some of these 1973 clips. you hear Dick Clark almost yelling “YES”, much more enthusiastically than in the 80′s runs?

  7. smoothpants says:

    @gameshowluvr86 – That’s definitely Lucie Arnaz. I caught a better look on another clip.

  8. morgan8757 says:

    @karrasfather that right he played the shop teacher

  9. Golbez1991 says:

    @karrasfather You are correct.

  10. Pinman1000 says:

    Dick, you realize this happened 32 years before the Ryan Seacrest NYE right.

  11. karrasfather says:

    Is David Mr Casey fro the movie Christine?

  12. gameshowluvr86 says:

    “Things That Are Flat” was Rita Moreno… :-)

  13. SuperGamer7 says:

    Ah, the one that started it all, what a rare gem! And an all celebrity edition to boot!

  14. Hondo20132 says:

    Listen closely, and you can hear the Columbia-tristar logo. :(

  15. Hondo20132 says:

    I think this was one of the first pre-show montages, because they showed the premiere week clip.

  16. Hondo20132 says:

    The contestant I think is the same man who was featured in that same clip you mentioned.

  17. thewhammy83 says:

    Here are my guesses:
    kick: Peggy Cass
    underground: Jack Klugman
    flat: Lucie Arnaz
    I could be wrong, since these episodes are most likely unavailable.

  18. mjhunt1 says:

    In the opening, I recognize Bill Cullen (things that you hunt), and Rob Reiner (..hole), but not the celebrities in “..kick, “..underground”, or “flat things.”
    I would appreciate knowing.

  19. vnisanian2001 says:

    At 0:13, that’s from the first week of shows on CBS.

    I don’t think that’s from the first episode, though. If you watch the opening clip to the third episode of the first week, Rob Reiner seemed to hint that the first $10,000 winner was a woman.

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