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The $10000 Pyramid (1973): Barbara Feldon & John Schuck Part 1

**NOTE: The video is fuzzy, but it is recorded off of a practically-seven year old tape. Forgive me.** Here is the beginning of a 1973 episode of the 000 Pyramid. A clip of this exact scene is already posted (“Accurate inaccuracy on the 000 Pyramid” by ItzDaGMan), but let’s show once again how contestant Ernie gets stumped by a seemingly simple category. No copyright infringement is intended.
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25 Responses to “The $10000 Pyramid (1973): Barbara Feldon & John Schuck Part 1”

  1. WrestlingHeretic says:

    It’s the $99 Pyramid!

  2. tyrese3745 says:

    @Quartzquiz To quote Gibert Gottfried on a episode of Hollywood Squares (Tom Bergeron version): YOU IDIOT!!!

  3. tyrese3745 says:

    @ThePGN Those must’ve played a big factor in the first CBS series.

  4. tyrese3745 says:

    @ThePGN I believe the “no hand gesture” rule went into effect when the first edition moved to ABC in late March 1974. Also (and you were right about the second one), the United States was going through inflation, abnormally high crude oil (gasoline) prices, expensive meats and pork, the effects of the Vietnam War, and, of course, who can forget the famous Watergate scandal that forced Richard Nixon to disgracefully resign from U.S. presidency in August of that year.

  5. Tubewings says:

    Liz just passed away today.

  6. Golbez1991 says:

    @MorristownTNMan That’s what I think too, but I think that’s Tony Randall.

  7. DNSKansas says:

    That hippie in the winner’s circle was a dumb motherfucker.

  8. MorristownTNMan says:

    Bring this show back CBS!!!

  9. MorristownTNMan says:

    Was that Bob Barker @ time index 0:16?


    The flashback openings in order consisted of celebrities Joel Grey “Things On A Ceiling”, Tony Randall “Picnic Items”, JoAnne Worley “Things That Go On The Hand”, Lucie Arnaz “Things In A Bottle”, Anita Gillette “Things You Break” . Very exciting days for early Pyramid. Lots more excitement, the lights raced at lightning speed around the giant pyramid, the audience was always super-pumped at The Ed Sullivan Theatre (the balconies really added to the theatrical feel of the show) and Dick Clark !

  11. ThePGN says:

    This is an oldie. They stopped letting the clue giver use their hands somewhere along the line and also moved the chairs so they were directly across from each other. Must have been giving too much of the 10K away!

  12. wdm1219 says:

    Amazing that the celebrities seemed to be even more thrilled with a $10,000 win than the civilian players. Great theme song, I wish they had kept this theme in 1982 also.

  13. MrBennetzen says:

    @DownsA530 When were people prohibited from using their hands in the winners circle?

  14. DownsA530 says:

    Yeah. Btw, sorry about yesterday; things got chaotic after we drove around, and I couldn’t get on the computer.

  15. gameshowluvr86 says:

    @DownsA530 That sucks… After all that work! :-(

  16. Pinman1000 says:

    Liz’s Husbands: TOUGH CATEGORY!!!!!

  17. DownsA530 says:

    He lost to the next challenger the following Monday (you’ll see who beat him in part 3 of this clip) in an episode with Sandy Duncan and Ed Asner. So he didn’t win the $10,000.

  18. mrbill1978 says:

    anybody know if he ended up winning the big money eventually?

  19. fkd1963 says:

    @DownsA530 I bet he regrets it to this day

  20. DownsA530 says:

    That shirt probably gave it away, huh? :-)

  21. DownsA530 says:

    I don’t blame them; it should’ve been a layup!

  22. Quartzquiz says:

    That audience absolutely wanted to KILL him! And for very good reason!

  23. fkd1963 says:

    He was prob straight. :) Or high.

  24. DownsA530 says:

    Yes indeed. Barbara couldn’t have given a better list than she did. How he couldn’t figure it out baffles me.

  25. BlackwoodCompany says:

    That last subject should have been found immediately.

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