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Texaco Star Theater 1950 Theme Song- Milton Berle Show

The Milton Berle Show in the early 1950s opened with the singing of this song
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10 Responses to “Texaco Star Theater 1950 Theme Song- Milton Berle Show”

  1. timewzrd3 says:

    Today, when you go to the gas station, your more worried about getting robbed or getting shot by a deliquent with a criminal rap sheet longer than the empire state building

  2. Ballsarama says:

    Ah, in the old days gas stations were called “service stations”.

  3. maxpowers518 says:

    They recreated this on SNL years later in the 70s when Milton Berle hosted. At one point Garrett Morris sings “I smoke some grass and if you don’t like it kiss my- Star Chief! Fill it up with Star Chief!” lol

  4. colindominy says:

    CUTE !! They should bring back commercials like these.

  5. RySenkari says:

    …is this what that Freakazoid scene was based on? The Gas-i-Go scene?

  6. fromthesidelines says:

    This was perhaps the most famous opening sequence in early television: the “Texaco servicemen” (actually a vocal quartet) singing the praises of their sponsor, then introducing “Mr. Television” himself [always entering in an outrageous costume]. This is one reason why “THE TEXACO STAR THEATER”, on Tuesday nights at 8pm(et) on NBC, was “appointment TV” for millions, from 1948 through ’53.

  7. toonsis says:

    I wouldnt let these assholes touch my ricer honda

  8. jackric54 says:

    Makes me remember that once gas stations were more than gas stations.

  9. brainman214 says:

    thanks for posting! The first part the audio is a little bit less than CD quality,but,i heard the drumroll,but on the outro it is cutoff.could someone find one with better audio and with full outro?This is a gem from the golden age of Analog NBC! Brainy

  10. Rossua says:


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