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Television Westerns 57 Episodes Collection

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  1. S. Fay "video collector" says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Samples of some of the old classics and some obscure, March 22, 2008
    S. Fay “video collector” (Benton, Arkansas USA – after living in 5 countries & travelling 13 others) –

    This review is from: TV Westerns 57 Episodes Collection (DVD)

    My first frustration was not knowing what episodes are included in the set. On opening the packaging, I was disappointed to see that it is on 4 double-sided discs so there are no directory labels on the discs. Also, the disc id’s are on the very small hub rings. Don’t bother to check the Mill Creek website for episode contents either.

    So, I tediously inserted each DVD and review the menus (flipping for each side) and what do I find… the side B’s on two of them won’t play in my best DVD player – Incompatible Disc!!

    I swapped to a lesser quality DVD player and they play okay. However, the quality of the recordings is really sub-standard. The back of the case says “Digitally Re-Master on 4 DVD’s”. Take my word for it. Nothing about these recording is remastered!! The recording quality is inconsistant, some are nearly un-watchable, either too light, too dark, or too contrasty which can can make these old Black & white episodes look like they were record off the last TV (syndicated) broadcast airing of of very old worn film.

    Having said all this, it’s kind of funny, they look just like I remember them! So, there you go. I haven’t had enough time to watch all of them, but then I wasn’t a fan of all of these series, only a few of them.

    Finally, there appears to be no rhyme or reason in the selection and sequence of the episodes, but for those that care, here is what I found.

    **** TV Westerns 57 Episodes Collection (Disc 1)****
    A1. Confession for Money (ep. 18) 1951
    A2. Freight Line Feud (ep. 22) 1951
    A3. Lynching Story (ep. 15) 1950
    A4. Newspaper Crusaders (ep. 16) 1950
    A5. Ghost Town (ep. 23) 1952
    A6. Buried Treasure (ep. 25) 1952
    A7. Dog Story (ep. 17) 1950
    A8. Medicine Flats (ep. 8) 1950
    B1. Oil Land (ep. 6) 1950
    B2. Phoney Sheriff (ep. 23) 1951
    B3. Stolen Bonds (ep. 2) 1951
    B4. The Old Bum (ep. 19) 1951
    B5. Dear Teacher (ep. 6) 1953
    B6. Sego Lillies (ep. 16) 1953
    B7. Little Washington (ep. 2) 1953
    **** TV Westerns 57 Episodes Collection (Disc 2)****
    A1. The Lady Killer (ep. 1) 1954
    A2. Phantom Rustlers (ep. 10) 1953
    A3. Death Medicine (ep. 1) 1952
    A4. Ghost Town Gold (ep. 20) 1952
    A5. The Big Chance (ep. 12) 1955
    A6. Badman’s Brother (ep. 6) 1952
    A7. The Secret of Indian Gap (ep. 11) 1954
    B1. Flying Bullets (ep. 23) 1952
    B2. The Knockout (ep. 8) 1952
    B3. Blind Justice (ep. 7) 1952
    B4. Loaded Guns (ep. 11) 1953
    B5. The Run-A-Round (ep. 9) 1953
    B6. Money to Burn (ep. 15) 1953
    B7. The Milliner from Medicine Creek (ep. 1)1953
    B8. Outlaws of Paradise Valley (ep. 3) 1953
    **** TV Westerns 57 Episodes Collection (Disc 3)****
    A1. Enter the Lone Ranger (ep. 1) 1949
    A2. Cannonball McKay (ep. 16) 1949
    A3. The Legion of Old Timers (ep. 4) 1949
    A4. Old Joe’s Sister (ep. 15) 1949
    A5. The Renegades (ep. 8) 1949
    A6. Finders Keepers (ep. 13) 1949
    A7. High Heels (ep. 10) 1949
    B1. Message from Abe (ep. 22) 1957
    B2. The Masked Rider (ep. 14) 1949
    B3. Pete and Pedro (ep. 7) 1949
    B4. Return of the Convict (ep. 12) 1949
    B5. Rustler’s Hideout (ep. 5) 1949
    B6. Six-Gun’s Legacy (ep. 11) 1949
    B7. The Tenderfeet (ep. 9) 1949
    **** TV Westerns 57 Episodes Collection (Disc 4)****
    A1. Convict at Large (ep. 19) 1953
    A2. The Buckskin (ep. 21) 1953
    A3. Treasure of Santa Dolores (ep. 11) 1953
    A4. West of Cheyenne (ep. 17) 1953
    A5. Bullets and Badmen (ep. 16) 1953
    A6. The Holy Terror (ep. 12) 1953
    B1. Outlaw’s Inheritance (ep. 38) 1959
    B2. Day of the Hunter (ep. 15) 1960
    B3. Mail Order Groom (ep. 16) 1960
    B4. The Fighter (ep. 5) 1958
    B5. Stampede at Tent City (ep. 4) 1958
    B6. The Medicine Man Mystery (ep. 4) 1955

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  2. Charles J. Rector says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    57 Western Episodes of Public Domain Goodness, July 5, 2008
    Charles J. Rector (Woodstock, IL United States) –

    This review is from: TV Westerns 57 Episodes Collection (DVD)

    TV Westerns Collection is a compilation of 57 episodes from 8 different Western TV shows from the days when Hollywood knew how to make great Westerns on both the big and small screens. I paid $9.99 for my set and considering that you can pay $5 and higher for just 4 episodes of one of these shows, you cannot complain about the price. The reason why you can get so many episodes for such a low price is that all of these shows are in the public domain. The quality of the prints used in this collection vary, but overall you will get a fairly decent picture on your screen.

    The really great thing about this collection is that it is not limited to the usual suspects, that is shows such as Cisco Kid, Lone Ranger, The Rifleman & The Roy Rogers Show that are quite easy to find and obtain. The collection also includes such shows as Adventures of Champion, Bat Masterson, Death Valley Days and The Range Rider that are harder to find.

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  3. B.J. Sayers says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    western oldies are great, September 29, 2009
    B.J. Sayers (Edmond, OK United States) –
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: TV Westerns 57 Episodes Collection (DVD)

    This DVD is wonderful! I hesitated after reading some reviews that mentioned problems, but so far the few we’ve watched are fine. Also the person who took time to list each one is to be commended! I printed it so now is easy to mark off the ones we watch. Otherwise it is confusing to keep up with which ones have been viewed.

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