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Television -Lights, Camera, Action

Television -Lights, Camera, Action

Image by Tattooed JJ (more off than on for a while)
Better on B l a c k M a g i c
Todays challenge on was "television", I got some shots of televisions but wasnt really happy with them, but thought this came out semi OK and without these I guess we wouldnt see much on television, this was through the window of I think the ABC studio in Times Square this morning

Have to dash out for a bit hope to get time to visit your streams later, if not will catch up tomorrow

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47 Responses to “Television -Lights, Camera, Action”

  1. Tattooed JJ (more off than on for a while) says:

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  2. Greg Lilly Photos says:

    How do you meet all these challenges???????? You must sleep sometime!!! Excellent as always!

  3. Thelma Gatuzzo says:

    LOL! This is cool! Unusual!

  4. cheroberta123 says:

    This is interesting…..very busy.

  5. pierale says:

    big big brother here….
    unusual shot indeed !

  6. Nathan Lanier says:

    it looks like johnny five!

  7. White Red Flower says:

    Really interesting and cool image my dear!!!

  8. colonial1637 Mostly Away says:

    Wow, great shot! What an interesting piece of equipment–very sci fi looking.

  9. tara holland says:

    whoah, cool!

  10. Kathy's Photos:)Be back later:) says:

    I am really loving all these challenges you participate in….this is so cool, wouldn’t mind having all the equipment shown there and then just learn to use it:) Great shot.

  11. abennett23 says:

    i have to get one of those,

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  12. Dave DiCello says:

    Great lighting here JJ, what an awesome Camera!

  13. trykemom says:

    the set is interesting too.

  14. maggie_gem says:

    You seem to come up with really great shots for these challenges… great work!

  15. flickrfanmk2007 says:

    Wow, now that’s some serious gear!

  16. Trubble Shots says:

    Wow! A behind the scenes shot even… aren’t you the uber cool one :o D
    Great shot too, very interesting and easy on the eye. Love the bokeh shelves and decor background. I also laughed at the first comment… I’m not sure you sleep either.

  17. Mary StarMagic says:

    nice "television" challenge shot. Lots of cool equipment. Hope you are having a good week

  18. millan p. rible says:

    great light. excellent shot JJ!

  19. Little Sunshine ☼ Photography ( Rachel ) says:

    What an amazing capture through the window. Really love the series you’re doing. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend and a great start of the new week JJ.

  20. Yasin Hassan ياسين حسن says:

    Nice Shot

  21. Glenn Waters ぐれんin Japan. says:

    Fantastic behind the scenes capture my friend.

  22. Enviro Photography says:

    Very good light on this!!

  23. Jill Clardy says:

    how interesting that you were able to peer into the studio

  24. JonathanCohen says:

    Really nice detail and focus; the light hitting the side of the camera is terrific. Don’t they usually light the things they point the camera at instead? ;>

    Seen in the group"" (?)

  25. stardex says:

    great! thanks for sharing.

  26. Houry Photography says:

    Great shot, JJ!!! Times Square should be called TV, High Tech and Voltage Island!! You’re right it was matter of choice which shot to post!! LOL!!

  27. Knight Zeisy says:

    You always got the right photo for this challenge! Fantastic work JJ.

  28. sambath.kumar says:

    it is an interesting set!

  29. dragon762w says:

    Excellent find! Very cool entry!

  30. kiwigirlerinm says:

    I just don’t get how you find all these cool things to take photo’s of for your challenge amazing! If you hadn’t said it was taken through a window I probably wouldn’t have noticed to start with very cool

  31. zanimo says:

    Excellent, original and interesting JJ! :)


    Seen in my contacts’ photos. ( ?² )

  32. Fifi 1968 says:

    Fabulously original shot JJ, wonderful colour, definition and detail :-)

  33. WilliamBullimore says:

    Beautiful composition, perfect exposure.

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  34. manumint-[BUSY] says:

    Good going for your photo challenges my friend:)

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  35. Ting Hay says:

    very interesting :) )))

    hope you’re well!

  36. the-father says:


    You are my winner!
    Please add this photo to
    Please award at least 2 other photos.

  37. photocoyote says:


  38. Kiki FL says:

    Boy, Big Brother is here! This shot is excellent social commentary…me thinks…

  39. Rex M Photography says:

    This "photo challenge" business must be stressful, JJ lol

  40. nis.jensen says:

    Great composition holds this one together…

  41. emeraldspiryt says:

    very interesting photo… nice detail and focus and a great way to meet the challenge!!

  42. DugJax says:

    I like this behind the scenes shot! This challenge thing that you do has really sparked your creative energy!

  43. The Dolly Mama says:

    How fun that you get to see exciting things like that!!
    I want to go there and see NY!!
    Never been there..
    TV is just a box in my living room…(*_*)

  44. KLnyc says:

    Haha, did you bump into Houry??
    she shot the same location too.

  45. gbrands says:

    These challenges are tough.

  46. Morbit Photography 2008 says:

    that’s one awesome shot :)

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