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Taylor’s Day on The Price is Right

This isn’t your typical day on The Price is Right. Watch what happens as Taylor’s celebrates his 19th birthday
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25 Responses to “Taylor’s Day on The Price is Right”

  1. DBH5601 says:

    I never got that much for my birthday

  2. missdrakey says:

    Fake.. these shows are no stranger to rigging.

  3. flexicon1996 says:

    And on top of it all the guy gets a rub down from his showcase partner

  4. summacruzlaude says:

    I hate to be a hater, but this new host is no where near the calibre of Bob Barker.

  5. benjamin656564 says:

    a giant flag? lol

  6. JoeBlow914 says:

    i wish that model girl came with the car…. atleast for an hour

  7. ckersh17 says:

    on my birthday i won $50 dollars on the lottery and i thought i was awesome….on his birthday he won 2 cars a scooter a trip to boston and 26,000 dollars! lol good for him =)

  8. dtw1958 says:

    Seems like a genuine 19yr old. Way to start a life in So california Boy! You Go!

  9. againstme2 says:

    @labudda1on1 not to mention that he’s dressed like a total douchebag lol

  10. Enygma702 says:

    45 people didn’t spay or neuter their pets.

  11. bao1337 says:

    @clubleon1 he probably had a threeway with two chicks later that day.

  12. bao1337 says:

    @clubleon1 he probably had a threeway with two chicks later that day.

  13. toosweetpimp says:


  14. shellicreed says:

    My name is Mike from LA Although there

  15. isabellaaudrk says:

    Nice hair Asian women ******

  16. crystalfreire says:

    that was so fun to watch!

  17. NAURIS707 says:


  18. Lesroisdumondejhv20 says:

    pero q suerte :o

  19. MultipleTrading says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!! He will never forget his 19th b-day

  20. JackEriksson says:

    @QuasisaGoddess I’d do him too.

  21. JackEriksson says:

    Cute boy :)

  22. BradSD25 says:

    wow — Drew looks absolutely ENORMOUS here!

  23. javitojh says:

    @clubleon1 maybe -___________-

  24. Dominatormanguy says:

    jammy git

  25. professionalkillergk says:

    and then he crashed and the cars got totaled

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