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Tales from the Darkside the movie

Tales from the Darkside the movie

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24 Responses to “Tales from the Darkside the movie”

  1. marvinThesoulboy says:

    wow i had watch this movies at a long time ago i had find the film in a videoshop i remember the mad black cat who eat the old man

  2. TheJcp1234 says:

    This movie was horrible.

  3. MarcusAvon2 says:

    @jellyman991 gargole was still hot lol

  4. RayShardC16 says:

    can someone please upload this flick its a horror classic….the mummy one was cool and the gargoyle one was nasty and the cat was FUCKIN AWESOME!!! IT rips out of his mouth….n MATT LAWRENCE>>>DONT U JUST LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS??? PRIceless.

  5. yumiko0017 says:

    this movie was actually good. i loved it.

  6. jellyman991 says:

    @Purplerugmuncher the gargoyl from lovers vow was freakin hot.until….

  7. TRUTH4IDIOTS says:

    @jebeja Hell fuckin yeah!! I couldn’t believe the twist at the end. I LOVED this fick when I was younger and I still love it today. GLAD I own it. Everyone else should go out and buy the DVD. Go, Go, Go!

  8. NoMoreLiesAboutMeToo says:

    OMG i have this movie! I totally love it! All of the stories were cool! It scared the Shit outta me when i was 6!

  9. azrial4421 says:

    Looks good cant wait till it comes out this weekend

  10. pimpollito18 says:

    @zebracardeath 1991 lol

  11. monsterviolence says:

    “You broke your vow, and that sealed our fate.” Creepiest dialogue of´╗┐ this movie.

  12. eyelikepie1 says:

    its weird how the movie is all gory but the tv series never went past pg-13 material

  13. SSJSasuke777 says:

    This Movie Scared the Fuck Out of Me When I was a kid with the mummy doin sick shit and the demon gargoyle thing just coming out of nowhere and slaughtering people with ease yeah it scared the shit of me. the Cat one was just fucked up. the Kid in the dungeon was awesome though he throws that bitch into the oven than hes like….Fuck yeah

  14. deaththrasherlou1983 says:

    in 1991

  15. deaththrasherlou1983 says:

    i saw the world premier on hbo the first time it was ever shown on tv i was 8 it ruled

  16. jbsouthpaw2009 says:

    This is considered by many including Stephen King and George Romero to be the unofficial Creepshow #3. John Harrison, writer of The fantastic music for the original Creepshow #1, did a great job of directing this film. Much better than Creepshow 2 in some ways. This had 5 stories like CS #1. CS #2 only had 3. Some good well known actors too like in CS #1. Cat from hell was great at the end.

  17. joannabronmk says:

    wow this is splendid fun I play it all the time during the break with my friends they are really awesome at it. I actually downloaded it perfectly free for my ps3 here 115 games [DOT] com there are thousands and the best thing is they are all totally free also I must say 1:05 was brilliant

  18. zebracardeath says:

    When Does This Movie Come Out! lol

  19. TrinaeonFlight says:

    mmkay, I saw this the other day and my thoughts are:

    Lot 249: ok. Kinda stupid.

    Cat From Hell: funny as hell, but again kinda stupid.

    Lover’s Vow: a complete rip-off of a good story (The tale of the ‘Yuki Onna’, a japanese tale about a woman of the snow) this version sucked.

    Overall story: Ok, but too much Hansel and Gretel impact.

  20. junior1nyc says:

    best movie ever

  21. jebeja says:

    The one with Rae Dawn Chong was unbelievable, and the ending really threw me for loop.

  22. Purplerugmuncher says:

    this was a great flick and it had a dark atmosphere that is essential for a horror film.

    a good time for horror fans

    the redhead from Lot 249 was freaking hot!

  23. frenchman203 says:

    Yes. It was. I assume you’re referring to the one featuring the SEXY Rae Dawn Chong.

  24. yumiko0017 says:

    the monster one was brilliant.

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