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Tales from the Darkside the movie

Tales from the Darkside the movie
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25 Responses to “Tales from the Darkside the movie”

  1. 52leveler says:

    been years since i watch this wasent able to remember the name thanks for this so many memoryes and scares.

  2. MrOrionfan says:

    Debbie Harry and Blondie are touring again I believe – she’s one of my favorites as a singer and an actress!

  3. RustySpoonsfeelGood says:

    and the epilogue doesn’t count.

  4. RustySpoonsfeelGood says:

    4 tales??? theres only 3.

  5. 1976ledzep says:

    @1976ledzep Damn Debbie Harry canceling her concert.

  6. 1976ledzep says:

    I’m so excited to meet Debbie Harry when I go backstage at her concert in two weeks!!

  7. michaelforthriller says:

    the real creepshow 3.

  8. RandomYetEpic says:

    Holy shit! I remember watching this on TV as a young kid and loved it so much but could never find it ever again until I somehow randomly came across it somewhere online just now. I just had to watch the trailer again. It’ll probably be damn corny if I watch it now, but whatever. I have to watch it now for the nostalgia.

  9. TruthTeller878 says:

    The series ‘V’ is a fictional TV show that explains (revelation of method) what is really going on with the evil UFO creatures (real spirit Lucifer & spirit demon gods) on this earth. The John Carpenter movie ‘THEY LIVE’ is actually a docudrama that explained this fact about the UFO creatures 25 years ago, but most people care more about the foolish religion of sports than truth, freedom or saving their own lives! I have evidence.
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  10. KeithWasHere1 says:

    “i cant stop its too late” then she rips her skin off…that was FUCKED UP!

  11. BUDOKAIultimate3 says:

    this was some scary shit!

  12. griffinjoe says:

    i saw that movie but i dont remember if it liked me or not i was a child :d

  13. MrShcotty2010 says:

    wow all those great writers and this is all they could come up with.

  14. marvinThesoulboy says:

    wow i had watch this movies at a long time ago i had find the film in a videoshop i remember the mad black cat who eat the old man

  15. TheJcp1234 says:

    This movie was horrible.

  16. MarcusAvon2 says:

    @jellyman991 gargole was still hot lol

  17. RayShardC16 says:

    can someone please upload this flick its a horror classic….the mummy one was cool and the gargoyle one was nasty and the cat was FUCKIN AWESOME!!! IT rips out of his mouth….n MATT LAWRENCE>>>DONT U JUST LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS??? PRIceless.

  18. yumiko0017 says:

    this movie was actually good. i loved it.

  19. jellyman991 says:

    @Purplerugmuncher the gargoyl from lovers vow was freakin hot.until….

  20. TRUTH4IDIOTS says:

    @jebeja Hell fuckin yeah!! I couldn’t believe the twist at the end. I LOVED this fick when I was younger and I still love it today. GLAD I own it. Everyone else should go out and buy the DVD. Go, Go, Go!

  21. NoMoreLiesAboutMeToo says:

    OMG i have this movie! I totally love it! All of the stories were cool! It scared the Shit outta me when i was 6!

  22. azrial4421 says:

    Looks good cant wait till it comes out this weekend

  23. pimpollito18 says:

    @zebracardeath 1991 lol

  24. monsterviolence says:

    “You broke your vow, and that sealed our fate.” Creepiest dialogue of´╗┐ this movie.

  25. eyelikepie1 says:

    its weird how the movie is all gory but the tv series never went past pg-13 material

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