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Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

A film by Stephen King

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  1. jbsouthpaw2009 says:

    This is considered by many including Stephen King and George Romero to be the unofficial Creepshow #3. John Harrison, writer of The fantastic music for the original Creepshow #1, did a great job of directing this film. Much better than Creepshow 2 in some ways. This had 5 stories like CS #1. CS #2 only had 3. Some good well known actors too like in CS #1. Cat from hell was great at the end.

  2. squidwardandspongbob says:

    thanks god that stephen king don’t make scary movie at lease he made gore movie.

  3. claytonian says:

    down-voted for mis-titling this as the movie instead of the preview.

  4. superkhrys says:

    you know the guy who was supposed to kill the cat died because the cat forced itself down his neck into his stomach

  5. shaunizsleepin says:

    If I’m not mistaken from what I read in this one book, The Films of Stephen King, the only story in that movie that he had anything to do with was “Cat From Hell,” the story landogray claimed as their favorite. He wrote that one, but that’s it.

  6. kbpchs says:

    followed by scarred and no i wern’t scared lol

  7. kbpchs says:

    i have seen this film last night

  8. landogray says:

    (yo,this movie was hardcore,the best story was avout that fucking cat,classic)

  9. bazz444444 says:

    That is all! Sorry.:-(

  10. KarenBusal says:

    Could you please put more clips up of this movie?!

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