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Tales from the Darkside Intro

Tales from the Darkside Intro Now on DVD.

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26 Responses to “Tales from the Darkside Intro”

  1. nptrock says:

    This intro was fuckin’ DARK!…use to watch this in the early 90′s, monday nights if i remember correctly??…still creepy as hell, horror is just washed up crap these days, no atmosphere, nothin’ to keep you on edge…just plain BULLSHIT! cannot fuck with 70′s & 80′s horror…NEVER!!

  2. maxfactor2007 says:

    when this shit was starting i was about 6 or 7… i was afraid as hell… makes these horror movies look like cartoons…

  3. ta719208 says:

    Paint A Dark Picture by Tech N9ne

  4. TheSkuLLcomedyShow says:

    I think they made this show into a porno called, “Tales from the Backside.” Hehe.

  5. janplanet1 says:

    @laughingfurry thx cause i found tales from the crypt bout 2 years ago and im watching it evr gona try to watch tales from the dark side.

  6. 1prettyricky says:

    happy Halloween

  7. laughingfurry says:

    I watched both Tales from the Darkside and Tales from the Crypt when I was young. Crypt often killed the atmosphere, making it less eerie from my viewpoint. Most of the time I didn’t care. I still watched, but didn’t care. Darkside did a better job, in my opinion. Scared me some time and got me thinking alot other times, seeing how I was about five or six at the time.
    Crypt has it’s moments, so not bad.
    The series for Friday the 13th was the worst. Put me to sleep easily.

  8. Desi1204 says:

    @TheTrueUSPatriot that i agree that all our stuff is original and good, I’m done with you, there is no use trying to get through to you. If you don’t agree with me FINE! I was just trying to let that person know that horror is not a lost cause YET!!

  9. Desi1204 says:

    @TheTrueUSPatriot Alrite I give up with you. Im sick and tried of it, you’re a freakin USpatriot. It’s no use even talking to you. I never said we didn’t make a lot of them our selves as well, MY POINT WAS that we do a lot of remakes. whether they be from the US or not. But I was telling that person if they think that no one makes any good horror movies anymore to try outside the US and to see what they think of other countries horror. That was it!! I FREAKIN LOVE MY COUNTRY but that doesnt mean

  10. TheTrueUSPatriot says:

    @Desi1204 I actually took the liberty of looking up several movies on wikipedia and other websites, looks like a majority of them are written and filmed in U.S. I think you should be the one to look up movies and get the actual facts before making such ridiculous comments like the ones you have been. As I said before get educated on America and it’s Movie Industry. And you’re being ignorant.

  11. Desi1204 says:

    @TheTrueUSPatriot consists of slasher type things and asian horror films are more of we know you killed them, but not showing you how- and implied thing. I’m not ignorant. There are just so many people who don’t want to admit that america takes quite a bit of it’s material from other countries. look up some movies again and see what I’m talking about

  12. Desi1204 says:

    @TheTrueUSPatriot Ok, I am anything but uneducated. My point was that a lot of horror movies are not originial anymore. They have a lot of remakes as well. But I talking about movies like the ring, shutter, mirror, 1 missed call,the grudge, dark water, the eye. We do take a lot of movie from asia mainly japan. We make our own as well like orphan and others I can’t name right now. My point was that horror is not a lost cause. American horror USUALLY emphasize on usually

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  14. chocotastic1 says:

    Fuck yeah.

    I know this word for word.

  15. TheTrueUSPatriot says:

    @Desi1204 Oh and when i said educate you “Both” I meant as in you and metalmonkey.

  16. TheTrueUSPatriot says:

    @Desi1204 And in the credits if you look at one specific credit and thats “created by” the name of that person is the all time original creator and most of what I see are americans.

  17. TheTrueUSPatriot says:

    @Desi1204 But although metalmonkey is bashing modern horror films and doesn’t understand things do change, your comment on how we steal half of our movies is just arrogant, ignorant and down right stupid. As I said get better educated in the movie industry or on America for that matter. Lol Japan and Korea, HAH! All the major movies I’ve looked up or seen we’re done in America. The scripts were written by AMERICANS.

  18. TheTrueUSPatriot says:

    @Desi1204 We do not steal half of our movies from japan and other countries. Most successful movies including those that are old or classics were made in America. You definately need to do some studying cause your facts are a bunch of bullshit. And just to educate you both…civilizations change over time, that includes culture which would include the type of music or movies we listen and watch. Understand you only speak your opinion, an opinion that just so happens to be based off ignorance.

  19. janplanet1 says:

    is this better then tales from the crypt?

  20. veeseee128 says:

    be scarier if james earl jones did the open narration.

  21. Desi1204 says:

    @Tyrannozero82 that’s not necessarily true, you just have to look outside the US, we steal half our movies from japan and a few from korea and thailand. just look up half the major movies and you’ll find that they are foriegn

  22. dgenerate707 says:

    Tech N9ne uses this for his song paint a dark picture

  23. metalmonkey666 says:

    Yeah it is. But thats because big business dismissed it and gave us stuff like Mirrors and Paranormal activity and said “This is horror”
    Hell when I see an old episode of MONSTERS, Tales From the Crypt and even Tales from the darkside. I know it was HORROR not to mention countless horror movies from the 60`s, 70`s, 80`s and EARLY 90`s that were REAL HORROR. I miss them. New horror is just bad all around all they do is add a really loud noise to get a scare out of people.

  24. AndrewKH85 says:

    aaaaawwwwwhhhhh yeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  25. EricKarlyEly says:

    this looks really scary with all the alone woods and bridge but thats a place were i wanna take my girlfriend for a romantic place to be alone.

  26. CrissySnow says:

    the part where there is that bridge in the country side of town looks fucked up and scary… theres no people in these nature scenes which scares me with this fucked up music…

    If you think about it there’s no scary shit like of today in this intro yet this intro is scary as shit…

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