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iSafePod Lite

Fanship~~** IT IS Free! GET IT NOW!!! **Tutorial: you want to set a password to defend your albums, movie clips and files?Has your girlfriend ever asked you to unlock the iphone and discover your secret? Do you want to download mp3 to iPod from the web directly?This app assists you. Potent functions combined into 1 app: 1) Photo Secure 2) Video Safe three) File Disk 4) Music Player 5) Facebook Download/Upload 6) Youtube Download/Upload 7) Files Downloader8) Ringtone Maker 9) File Sharing ten) FLV, AVI, WMV and MPG to MP4 converter 11) Video to Music converter 12) Effective Music & Video DownloaderFeatures: 1. Passcode & Fakecode You can unlock the app by utilizing either passcode or fakecode. Passcode: Both unlocked and locked items will be shown Fakecode: Only unlocked items will be shown So, enter the fakecode if your girlfriend asks you to unlock iSafePod. 2. Top Secret Directory Right after enter the passcode, pull down and refresh to show the confidential directories. 3. Very best Organization All imported files will be assigned to three categories: photos, movies and documents. You can develop locked albums, film clips or directories in every single categories. four. Download from Internet a) Images b) Powerful Music Downloader: Baidu, Sogou, BeeMP3, etc…c) Powerful Video Downloader: Facebook, Youtube, Metacafe, Pandora Tv, Tudou, 56, ThisAV, etc…d) any files… five. Music Player You can directly download the music from the internet without sync with iTunes. 6. Facebook Connecta) download the albums and videos from your pals. b) create album and upload pictures to facebook. 7. Youtube API Download/Upload youtube movies.8. MP4 Converter Play FLV, AVI , WMV and MPG? iSafePod coverts those files to MP4. 9. Video to Music converter Soon after download a music video, iSafePod helps you to convert it to AAC music format, you can listen it anytime from the music playlist. ten. Ringtone MakerTrim any audio into 40 seconds ringtone.A lot more and more capabilities are coming. Acquire it now! Multi-language: English, 繁體中文, 簡體中文,日本語 有沒有試過將A片放入iPhone,朋友借手機時又怕被他看到? 你要為你的相片及影片上鎖嗎? 你的女友要求你unlock iPhone,地氈式搜索地檢查你的手機? 將iPod裡的歌曲傳給別人?可以不經電腦直接匯入歌曲嗎? 想直接在網上下載MP3、影片?這個軟件就大派用場了! 特色︰ 1. Passcode & Fakecode︰ 你可以輸入密碼(Passcode)或假密碼(Fakecode)來解鎖。 密碼(Passcode)︰所有檔案會顯示出來 假密碼(Fakecode)︰只顯示沒被上鎖的檔案 當女友要查看時,輸入假密碼就好辦了。:p 2. 秘密資料夾: 輸入Passcode後,下拉列表重新整理,秘密資料夾才會顯示3. 優化管理︰ 所有檔案會被分類為︰相片、影片或文件 你可以為每個相簿、影片集及文件夾上鎖 four. 從網絡下載 a) 圖片b) 超強音樂下載:Baidu, Sogou, BeeMP3, etc…c) 超強影片下載:: Facebook, Youtube, Metacafe, Pandora Tv, 土豆網, 56網, ThisAV, and so on…b) 任何檔案5. 音樂播放器 直接從網絡上下載音樂,不用經iTunes同步 從百度、搜狗中下載MP3音樂後,可以即時播放6. Facebook Connect a) 從Facebook下載朋友的整個相簿及影片 b) 建立相簿、上傳照片到Facebook 7. 上傳下載Youtube影片 8. MP4 轉換 將FLV, AVI, WMV 及 MPG 轉換成 iPhone 可以播放的格式,終於可以看到 Flash 影片了! 9. 影片轉換成音樂10. 製作來電鈴聲

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