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Individuals From Montgomery County, Kansas, such as: Louise Brooks, William Inge, Vivian Vance, Bill Kurtis, Johnny Rutherford (driver), Harry Hines … Carrie Ingalls, Ron Kenoly, Phil Ehart

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To Tell the Truth – William M Gaines

A panel which includes two game show legends, Bill Cullen & Gene Rayburn, cross-examines the founder & publisher of MAD Magazine. Dick DeBartolo, who was collecting paychecks from both Gaines and Goodson-Todman at this point, pops up throughout the credits.
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Hopalong Cassidy Tribute (William Boyd)(Henager Museum)

This is a tribute to a childhood hero from the past at one time there wasn’t a kid who didn’t want to be like Hopalong Cassidy stop by when you are in the neighborhood

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William Joseph, on Dr. Phil TV Show

William Joseph, on Dr. Phil TV Show

Image by cobalt123
Family member, seen on national TV today, my son’s brother-in-law called "William Joseph". First time on national TV but many times on cable channels, it was a thrill to see Bill play several songs from his new CD out on Warner records this month. There are links to 3 – 4 websites here if you’d like to check out his music. He is truly a gifted young man. There are links to youtube videos and his MySpace website where you can play many of his songs. The next photo is also a photo of the TV we were watching the show on today in the Chicago area- just his hands and then the prominent Yamaha logo from the keyboard of the piano. Believe me, he is FAR more photogenic than my photos show. Here is a link to a photo I got of him about 3 years ago before he started hitting the big time. He is very animated when playing so it’s hard to get a clear shot.

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Movie Legends – William Boyd- Hopalong Cassidy

Actor and Star of the character ‘Hopalong Cassidy’
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To Tell the Truth: Frank William Abagnale Jr. (1977)

Frank William Abagnale, Jr. Is an American former check confidence trickster, forger and impostor who, for five years in the 1960s, passed bad checks worth about .5 million in 26 countries. During this time, he used at least eight aliases to cash bad checks. Currently he runs Abagnale and Associates, a financial fraud consultancy company. His life story provided the inspiration for the feature film Catch Me if You Can, based on his ghostwritten biography of the same name. More info:
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