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Welcome Back, Kotter (Television Favorites Compilation)

Welcome Back, Kotter (Television Favorites Compilation)

Take a time-trip back to the wide lapels and bell bottoms of the ’70s in one of that decade’s biggest comedy hits! Teacher Gabe Kotter (Gabe Kaplan) returns to his former high school, teaching the remedial class–of which he had been a member–known

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A Few Must See John Travolta Movies

John Travolta is a well known actor, director and singer in English cinema. Travolta was born in New Jersey and has five older siblings. He is a Roman Catholic owing to the fact that is father was part Italian. He was born in 1954 and is still pursuing his career of acting at the age 56. He is, of course, in his twilight zone but he is going great guns still. He started off his career with the super hit television series “Welcome Back, Kotter” and then played significant roles in big films like “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever”. This is was in the 1970s and after that he went downhill with his acting career almost coming to a stop. In the early 90s he came back with a bang with the very famous movie called “Pulp Fiction”. Ever since, he has been a regular actor in many Hollywood films.

He also had a great movie called “Look Who’s Talking” at that time which helped him revive his acting career. His other notable movies are “Broken Arrow”, an action movie, “Face/Off”, “Get Shorty”, “Ladder 49″ and many more. He is a very well known celebrity and a top actor, because he is still on some huge projects which might land him added fame. He is, however, though to be the actor of yesteryears because many other youngsters have taken over. The 90s being his best days because of his rise to fame through a second chance like a wild card entrant.

His upcoming project is “From Paris with Love” along with his wife Kelly Preston who shares the lead. In 2008, he was nominated under the Best Original Song category for the film Bolt. He is a talented person with exceptional singing qualities. He has had a great career spanning over 30 years with its own ups and downs. All in all, he is a splendid actor and a marvelous singer, not to forget that he is also a gentle human being with a great personality.


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heres the welcome back kotter theme
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Welcome Back, Kotter

Welcome Back, Kotter

You get 6 A+ episodes from this beloved series. 1) One Flu Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, 2) Father Vinnie, 3) Sweatside Story, 4) I’m Having Their Baby, 5) The Deprogramming Of Arnold Horshack, and 6) Goodbye, Mr. Krippsd.Welcome to DVD, Mr. Kotter. Born o

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Price: $ 9.95

Keep Smiling With TV Theme Songs

You may have forgotten how to solve an algebraic equation you had in high school, but heaven knows you remember the beginning words to the theme song of the classical television show Gilligan’s Island. (“Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…”) TV theme songs are some of the most beloved tunes in American culture and stick in our minds long after the shows they introduce have gone off the air. TV Theme downloads, from “Mr Ed” to “Mary Tyler More to “Cheers” conjure up memories of warm, snugly nights, childhood delight and a universal nostalgia for bygone days. We’ll always have a full compliment of classic TV Theme songs to sing along to when we watch the TV Land or Nickelodeon television networks, or when we’re just kicking back with friends.

These days the TV theme song is in decline because television executives worry about going over budget on their programming “It’s a rarity today,” says television historian Tim Brooks of the catchy, tuneful openings. “It’s kind of like the Broadway musical producing hit songs—it just doesn’t do that anymore.” Back in the good old days, even as late as the 90s, shows usually had what was called a “Main Title”—a 40 to 60 second opening montage that introduced the characters and set the situation up. Written by a composer, these songs summed up what the program was about whether it revolved around a group of wacky castaways (Gilligan’s Island) or a young career girl showing the world that she could make it after all (The Mary Tyler More Show). Even then, though, budgets were tight. For instance, Norman Lear, the creator of “All in the Family” had Carol O’Connor and Jean Stapleton sing the theme song to his show because he did not want to pay singers to perform it.

Today, the prevailing view is that the television audience itself no longer has the patience to listen to a theme song with an opening montage. “I think one of the things that has squeezed themes out is this relentless kind of move toward tightening everything, making it go right from joke to joke, from action to action, from shootout to shootout so that you won’t press the dreaded remote,” says Brooks. The attentive probably have noticed that there aren’t even commercials in between shows anymore for fear that the viewer will click to another station—TV theme songs are just a luxury programmers don’t have anymore.

It’s hard to believe that doing away with TV theme songs is what the viewing public really wants. Good theme songs like “Movin’ On Up” from the Jeffersons or “Welcome Back” from Welcome Back Kotter bring us endless joy and laughter. They fill us with fond memories from special times in our lives and are great to sing along to when friends gather together. Perhaps we should start a letter writing campaign to TV executives demanding that theme songs come back, but first get free TV Theme songs now!

Listen to free TV theme songs MP3′s at

Where does your favorite top TV theme songs rank? Visit EZ-tracks to check out top country music charts.

Want a TV show ringtone for you cell phone? Download TV Ringtones for your mobile now.

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gabe kotter becomes a teacher at his old high school,buchanan high,and is assigned to the sweathog class, where he once belonged, himself.
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Welcome Back, Kotter: The Complete First Season

Welcome Back, Kotter: The Complete First Season

Mr. Kotter, meet the Sweathogs, the goofiest group of remedial students who ever set off the fire alarm two minutes before a test or spent algebra class constructing spit wads. Sweathogs, meet Mr. Kotter, a former Sweathog who’s returned to his old h

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Price: $ 22.42

Celebrity Poker Player: Gabe Kaplan

You may remember Gabe Kaplan from his famous 1970′s TV show, “Welcome Back, Kotter.” However, what you may not know about Gabe is that he’s a world-class poker player. Yep! From kotter to poker!

What people may not know is how varied a life Gabe Kaplan has had. Gabe Kaplan is the Jack London Of The Poker World; his career has spanned numerous fields of shot.

Don’t underestimate Gabe Kaplan’s poker skills, he hasn’t been as active in the profession in recent years, . At one time in the 80′s, Kaplan heaped up an awesome list of poker accomplishments. And he seems to be making a comeback.

Gabe Kaplan is such an accomplished poker player that most no longer regard him as a “celebrity” poker player. Kaplan’s first World Series of Poker appearance came in 1978.

In 2004, he finished third at the World Poker Tour’s No Limit Hold’em event, winning more than 0,000 in the process. He has also taken second place in the World Series of Poker Limit Hold’em event. His career tournament poker earnings exceed 0,000. He also serves as an expert poker commentator, having appeared on such shows as the National Heads-Up Poker Championship, Intercontinental Poker Championship, and High Stakes Poker.

Between 1975-1979, while Gabe Kaplan was working on his hit TV series, he was also working in another venue – the poker room. Gabe first played in the World Series of Poker way back in 1978, long before it became nationally popular. In the years since, Kaplan has been an integral part of the poker world, commentating for the National Heads-Up Poker Championship, High Stakes Poker, and the Intercontinental Poker Championship.

While he was actively involved in his acting career, Kaplan also became involved in financial markets and poker. He made his first appearance at the World Series of Poker in 1978. Soon, he got addicted to poker tournaments and started appearing in them regularly and became known for his poker skills in the professional circles in the country.

His biggest win came in July 2004, when he finished 3rd place in a World Poker Tour no limit Texas hold ‘em event, earning more than 0,000. Kaplan also finished 2nd place in the 00 2005 World Series of Poker Limit Hold ‘em event, winning 2,515.

In 2007, Kaplan won on NBC’s Poker After Dark in the episode “Queens and Kings” after defeating Kristy Gazes heads-up and outlasting fellow professional poker players Howard Lederer, Vanessa Rousso and Annie Duke.

In the 2007 World Series of Poker Kaplan finished in 9th place in the ,000 World Championship H.O.R.S.E event winning 1,424, the event was eventually won by Freddy Deeb after defeating Bruno Fitoussi in heads-up play.

Nowadays Gabe can be seen, and heard, commentating on poker for ESPN, the Game Show Network and NBC. He still does stand-up as well as public speaking engagements in the financial sector.

As of 2007, his total live tournament winnings exceed ,100,000 and one thing is for sure, though; we’ll see Gabe Kaplan at many more major poker tournaments in the years to come.

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1970′s show

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