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Star Wars “X-Wing Fighter” v Buck Rogers “Starfighter”?

Question by Martin B: Star Wars “X-Wing Fighter” v Buck Rogers “Starfighter”?
What would win (on average) in a no-holds space dogfight in between an “X-Wing Fighter” from “The Emperor Strikes Back” and a “Starfighter” from the “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” 1980′s series?

Armour, fire-energy, manoeuvrability, attack speed, and training regular of pilots supplied by relevant employers can be utilized to deduce the answer(s).

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Answer by Mark V
I do not feel the question here is the kill-factor of the ships rather than the skill of the pilots.
If we assume they’re manned by normal pilots and NOT Luke and Buck then I would have to say that the X-Wing would take it.
The Earth Defence Force pilots were rubbish on a grand scale! They couldn’t even manage Ardala’s fake pirates as they had been too reliant on the computers. It took Buck releasing his ship from the computer to win that fight!
The Rebel pilots on the other hand, although maybe not so extensively trained, are extremely motivated AND have the added bonus of getting used to ‘underdog’ status in a fight.
The X-Wing, even though a gorgeous ship, is not exactly state-of-the-art and its upkeep is most likely grab-as-grab-can.
The Starfighter will be the pinnacle of Earths’ space superiority technologies with teams of personnel to maintain it.
Now, I’ve flown X-Wings personally in just about every single sim ever made that attributes them so I’m familiar with the ships capabilities. I have but to find a Buck Rogers game that delivers comparable opportunities with the Starfighter, much to my dismay and chagrin!
One last point, I do not think the Starfighter has any type of shielding method, an additional main advantage to the X-Wing!
In closing, I will have to repeat that this fight, which I would PAY to see incidentally, will come down to who’s really flying the ships rather than any technical excellence or lack thereof in the ships themselves.
I rest my case…….

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