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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Complete Seventh Season (7-Disc Set) [DVD]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Complete Seventh Season (7-Disc Set) [DVD] Price Comparison

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$ 60.19
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Star Trek: Enterprise – The Complete Series

Star Trek: Enterprise – The Complete Series Top Deals

Fastlane DVD
$ 149.00
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Fastlane DVD
$ 95.99
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Star Trek Deep Space Nine – The Complete Second Season

Star Trek Deep Space Nine – The Complete Second Season

26 episodes on 7 discs: The Homecoming, The Circle, The Siege, Invasive Procedures, Cardassians, Melora, Rules of Acquisition, Necessary Evil, Second Sight, Sanctuary, Rivals, The Alternate, Armageddon Game, Whispers, Paradise, Shadowplay, Playing Go

List Price: $ 69.98

Price: $ 33.99

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Complete Third Season (7-Disc Set) [DVD]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Complete Third Season (7-Disc Set) [DVD] Price Comparison

$ 39.25
+ $ 4.17 shipping
$ 48.75
+ $ 4.17 shipping
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Deluxe Deep Space Nine Star Trek Uniform Jumpsuit (Teal) – Womens

Deluxe Deep Space Nine Star Trek Uniform Jumpsuit (Teal) – Womens Price Comparison
.x{color:#83C22D;margin:0px;font-size:12px}.y{color:#A56EBA} DELUXE DEEP SPACE NINE STAR TREK UNIFORM COSTUME JUMPSUIT (TEAL) Adult Star Trek Uniform Costumes (Item #DS905-WL) Size: Womens Large In stock, ready to ship! This is a BRAND NEW Costume in…

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Star Trek Deep Space Nine – The Complete Third Season

Star Trek Deep Space Nine – The Complete Third Season

Episodes: The Search Parts I and II, The House of Quark, Equilibrium, Second Skin, The Abandoned, Civil Defense, Meridian, Defiant, Fascination, Past Tense Parts I and II, Life Support, Heart of Stone, Destiny, Prophet Motive, Visionary, Distant Voic

Rating: (out of 56 reviews)

List Price: $ 69.98

Price: $ 38.94

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DVD) Review

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DVD) Review

Nominated for 28 Emmys, including several for Outstanding Visual Effects, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine continues the rich tradition of the original 1960s Star Trek franchise. Created by former L.A. police officer Gene Roddenberry, the Star Trek TV series morphed into a franchise famous for the unprecedented fanatical devotion of its audience. Lasting only three seasons during its original network run, Star Trek struck gold with its syndicated reruns, launching a number of motion pictures featuring the original cast as well as novels, comic books, collectibles, and reams of Star Trek-related memorabilia. Following on the heels of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987), the first Star Trek series spin-off of the original, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine foreshadowed additional spin-offs – Star Trek: Voyager (1995), and Star Trek: Enterprise (2001). Sporting an entirely new cast and crew from its two predecessors, the show focuses on a particular system administered by the Federation instead of the usual Star Trek mission of “exploring strange new worlds”…

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine follows the exploits of the Starfleet crew aboard an abandoned and gutted Cardassian space station orbiting the planet of Bajor. In the aftermath of Cardassian occupation, the Bajorian government invited the Starfleet to oversee the reconstruction of the space station. Deep Space Nine quickly transformed into a teeming city of commerce and a hub for travel (similar to Babylon 5) thanks to the discovery of an unknown wormhole nearby. But the wormhole leads to the Gamma Quadrant, realm of the feared Dominion alliance, which views the wormhole travelers as a threat to its totalitarian grip on power. As such, the Dominion launches an attack against the Federation and its Klingon allies. The subsequent and ongoing war is the basis for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine…

Capt. Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks) is credited with discovering the wormhole, and he oversees the crew of Deep Space Nine as they wage battle to preserve the Federation. Ironically, his colleague, Constable Odo (Rene Auberjonois), is a Changeling – an alien race of “shapeshifters” who lead the Dominion’s united front. Together with the rest of the crew aboard Deep Space Nine, they struggle with internal and external conflicts that threaten to destroy their very way of life…

The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine DVD features a number of exciting episodes including the series premiere “Emissary” in which the recently abandoned Cardassian space station, Terok Nor, is resettled by the Federation at the request of the Bajorians. Capt. Benjamin Sisko takes command and his discovery of the first stable wormhole nearby, a wormhole worshipped by the Bajorians as a god, transforms Sisko into a prophet in the eyes of the Bajorians. Meanwhile, the audience meets the rest of the cast and crew for Deep Space Nine… Other notable episodes from Season 1 include “Move Along Home” in which Quark’s cheating prompts a group of aliens from Gamma Quadrant to exact revenge on the crew of Deep Space Nine, and “Dramatis Personae” in which an indwelling by aliens transforms Sisko and Kira into enemies of the crew…

Below is a list of episodes included on the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (Emissary: Part 1) Air Date: 01-03-1993

Episode 2 (Emissary: Part 2) Air Date: 01-03-1993

Episode 3 (A Man Alone) Air Date: 01-10-1993

Episode 4 (Past Prologue) Air Date: 01-17-1993

Episode 5 (Babel) Air Date: 01-24-1993

Episode 6 (Captive Pursuit) Air Date: 01-31-1993

Episode 7 (Q-Less) Air Date: 02-07-1993

Episode 8 (Dax) Air Date: 02-14-1993

Episode 9 (The Passenger) Air Date: 02-21-1993

Episode 10 (Move Along Home) Air Date: 03-14-1993

Episode 11 (The Nagus) Air Date: 03-21-1993

Episode 12 (Vortex) Air Date: 04-18-1993

Episode 13 (Battle Lines) Air Date: 04-25-1993

Episode 14 (The Story Teller) Air Date: 05-02-1993

Episode 15 (Progress) Air Date: 05-09-1993

Episode 16 (If Wishes Were Horses) Air Date: 05-16-1993

Episode 17 (The Forsaken) Air Date: 05-23-1993

Episode 18 (Dramatis Personae) Air Date: 05-30-1993

Episode 19 (Duet) Air Date: 06-13-1993

Episode 20 (In the Hands of the Prophets) Air Date: 06-20-1993

Britt Gillette is author of The DVD Report, a blog where you can find more reviews like this one of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DVD).

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Star Trek – Star Trek with Salman Khan

Bollywood actor Salman Khan says he doesn’t remember most of his movies and adds his best is yet to come.
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Star Trek Deep Space Nine Opening Intro (Season 6)

Another Beautiful Introduction To A Beautiful Series, Welcome Home (sorry about the sound, it seems sped up more than usual) All copyrights belongs to their respective owners
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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The Rebirth of Star Trek

The Rebirth of Star Trek

Could it be true? It looks as though the unthinkable has happened- a new Star Trek movie that will bring the franchise back from the edge of oblivion. After Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek: Nemesis failed to set the box office alight, Star Trek: Voyager coming under fire from fans during its final years and the prequel series Enterprise being canned after four seasons, it looked as though the Star Trek franchise was about ready to fade away. After being one of the most respected and long running genre franchises in history (only outdone by Doctor Who), it was losing fans, ratings and attention in huge quantities. With the cast if the Next generation movies now out of their contracts and the studio seemingly out of ideas for the series, the only way to go was to start over again.

The notion of a prequel movie started to circulate as soon as the Enterprise series left the air. The main idea was a Starfleet Academy film featuring the early years of Kirk and Spock and the other original Star trek characters. This rumour proved to be closer to the mark than fans could imagine. JJ Abrams, of Alias, LOST and Cloverfield fame (amongst everything else he’s been involved with), was chosen to bring back Star Trek for the modern era. The original series was to become a brand new feature film from paramount, with an all new cast playing those iconic 1960s roles. This sent something of a stir through the fan communities. How could these roles be played by anyone other than their original stars? The characters of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and everyone else in the original crew have become such cultural mainstays that this was seen as nothing short of sacrilege.

But as news filtered through of casting for the new film (simply titled Star Trek, and not Star Trek XI or otherwise) and spy photos showed glimpses of design work, many fans started to wonder if this could actually be something rather special. With the casting of Heroes star Zachary Quinto as Spock, it became clear that the makers of this new vision of Gene Roddenberry’s legendary science fiction show were taking it seriously. This wasn’t just a cynical attempt at one last hurrah for the franchise- it was to be a bold reinvention for a new generation. With further casting came more surprises, Chris Pine as Captain James Kirk, Simon Pegg as Scotty, Karl Urban as McCoy, and so on. The faces and talents fit perfectly, and with the first teaser trailer, fans had something real to prove that this was actually happening. Star trek was coming back, and doing so in style.

Plot-wise, it is a time travel story, which the Star Trek universe has been known for since the start. The coup for this production came with the news that the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy, was to reprise his famous role and interact with his younger self, to help combat the effects of what the film’s villain, Nero (played by Eric Bana) has put into play. As pictures and story details filtered through into the public domain, anticipation grew steadily, and here we are at a point where fans are still sceptical to a certain extent, but are extremely excited to see their beloved franchise reborn.

Star Trek, the gargantuan legend of TV, film, merchandise, comics, books and more, is being dealt yet another chance, and this time it looks as though it will be much more effective than the last few attempts. The legend is coming back, with a powerful new cast, a string new story, and a production that surpasses all that has gone before. As long as fans can keep an open mind when watching the film, then this may well be the start of a real ‘next generation’ for the legend that is Star trek. The mythos is in safe hands that are treating Roddenberry’s vision with respect while creating something new, vital and most wonderfully uplifting. Welcome back, Star Trek. We’ve missed you.

Andrew Hawnt is an expert on science fiction, books, TV, movies and science fiction memorabilia. He writes for the Starstore blogs and collectibles site as well as being a published music journalist and science fiction author.

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