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Doctor Who: The Doctor Who Themes 1963 – 2010 (Every Doctor Who Theme)

Doctor Who: The Doctor Who Themes 1963 – 2010. — Doctor Who Theme composed by Ron Grainer — The Themes: 1. William Hartnell (1963 – 1966) (Arrangement: Delia Derbyshire) 2. Patrick Troughton (1966 – 1969) (Arrangement: Delia Derbyshire) 3. Jon Pertwee (Version 1: 1970 – 1973) — Featuring the ‘Delaware’ theme — (Arrangement: Paddy Kingsland, Brian Hodgson & Delia Derbyshire) 4. Jon Pertwee (Version 2: 1973 -1974) (Arrangement: Delia Derbyshire) 5. Tom Baker (Version 1: 1974 – 1980) (Arrangement: Delia Derbyshire) 6. Tom Baker (Version 2: 1980 -1981) (Arrangement: Peter Howell) 7. Peter Davison (1981 – 1984) (Arrangement: Peter Howell) 8. Colin Baker (1984 – 1986) — Featuring the ‘Trial Of A Time Lord’ theme — (Arrangement: Dominic Glynn) 9. Sylvester McCoy (1987 – 1989) (Arrangement: Keff McCulloch) 10. Paul McGann (1996) (Arrangement: John Debney) 11. Christopher Eccleston (2005) (Arrangement: Murray Gold) 12. David Tennant (2005 – 2010) — Featuring the ‘Voyage Of The Damned’ theme — (Arrangement: Murray Gold) 13. Matt Smith (2010 – ?) (Arrangement: Murray Gold) The closing montage of the Doctors features a remix of the 1986 theme called: ‘Doctor Who (Extended Theme Remix)’ by Dominic Glynn. Worth noting is there have been other minor remixes / variations to both the themes & titles over the years. I recommend Mark Ayres’ excellent online article ‘A History of the Doctor Who Theme’ for more information. The pages on TARDIS Index File & Wikipedia regarding the
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Themes From Ben Casey, Dr. Kildare and Other Great TV Shows

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Last of the Summer Wine Theme – from Best BBC Tv Themes LP

Last of the Summer Wine was the longest operating sitcom in the UK, from 1973 until 2010 – some 31 series. It followed the antics of 3 retired men (the line up changed several times more than the years, although Norman Clegg, played by Peter Sallis of Wallace & Grommit fame starred throughout). It was set in and about Holfirth in Yorkshire, England and was written by Roy Clarke, who went on to write the wonderful, “Keeping up Appearances”. Here is the theme music, as requested by “APyleOfVinyl”, taken from the LP, “Top BBC Television Themes” on the BBC Records label, from 1978. This isn’t fairly the version with which I am familiar, which attributes a harmonica playing the lead, but possibly this was a slightly earlier version. It was composed by the legendary Ronnie Hazlehurst. I hope you appreciate this mellow track – it brings back memories of Sunday evenings for me, although I ought to admit, I did stop watching the programme a few years ago!

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Famous TV Show Western Themes

This is a slideshow with pictures from the TV shows Bonanza, Rawhide, Wagon Train, and The Rifleman!
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