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Roy Rogers Collectibles Tauted as The Internets #1 Source for Classic Roy Rogers Memorabilia

Roy Rogers Collectibles Tauted as The Internets #1 Source for Classic Roy Rogers Memorabilia


The “King of The Cowboys” lives! .Roy Rogers has captivated the hearts and minds of his fans for over 70 years.

“Roy Rogers was everyone’s image of what a cowboy should be, from his white Stetson with its silver hatband to his hand-tooled boots. His face was strong and handsome with eyes that squinted yet still showed a twinkle. His smile was warm and reassuring. Whether he was wearing fringed Western wear or a checkered cowboy shirt, he was the epitome of what a cowboy should be. He was the picture of honesty and integrity. And was there ever a more exciting sight than watching Roy and Trigger riding majestically across the television screen or a rodeo arena? No wonder three generations of kids (and adults) wanted to be like Roy Rogers. We wanted to look like Roy, dress like Roy, and be as honest and forthright as Roy.” states Laurence Zwisohn.

Is it any wonder Roy Rogers and Dale Evans are popular all over again? Never forgotten by their true fans, the King of the Cowboys and the Queen of the West have come to symbolize a dearly remembered era when pop culture was clean and decent and you got to be a celebrity because you were a good guy.

For many Americans who yearn to return to a sense of moral balance missing now from public life, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans represent the best of the West and its ideals. Now, the best of those ideals have been given a platform where thousands of adoring fans can experience Rogers and Evans for the very first time or take the nostalgic journey down memory lane that never has to end! was created for such a journey. Receiving more than 2400 unique searches a month, is now the Internets #1 source for Roy Rogers history and memorabilia, and reminds fans both young and old that the legendary “King Of The Cowboys” STILL LIVES!

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