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EONus 1 (Edge of Night Underscore Shortcuts): PAUL TAUBMAN, Organist Extreme

EONus 1. Shortcuts of composer/music director PAUL TAUBMAN’S “THE EDGE OF NIGHT” underscore/music as originated in episodes from 1956, 1958, 1960, 1964, 1967, 1975 (orchestrated TAUBMAN/Edge year). Billy Nalle (substitute organist, 1960s) Announcers: Harry Kramer, Hal Simms The Writers: IRVING VENDIG (creator & head writer/co-head writer, 1956-65), James Lipton (scriptwriter, 1950s, 1960s), JAMES GENTILE (co-head writer, 1960-65), Carl Bixby (scriptwriter, 1956-60s) LOU SCOFIELD (head writer, 1965-68), Margaret DePriest (scriptwriter, 1960s), *Henry Slesar (temp head writer, 1967) HENRY SLESAR (head writer 1968-83), Frank Salisbury (scriptwriter, 1970s), Grace Garment (scriptwriter, 1970s) ********************************** This Time There is No Doubt Whodunit as ABC Turns Out the Lights on the Long-Running Soap Edge of Night, Men and women, Jan 1985: or – “The show was so well-known that fans would perform free just to sit on the jury in a courtroom scene,” says Vendig, now 83. “Men and women knew the characters and believed in them.” In 1961, when Ames asked to leave the show, Vendig had Sara struck and killed by a car. The CBS switchboard was inundated with calls from anguished viewers, so the actress returned briefly from the dead to clarify that she had wanted to go. In those days the show was broadcast live. “Every day was like a Broadway opening,” says Nicholson. “When the second hand said we had been on the air, there was no turning back. America was seeing
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