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Australia: Search for Tomorrow/Search for Yesterday/Search for These days/Search for the Star (Inspirational Romance Collection)

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Jensen Ackles Hot Supernatural Television Show Star Fabric Wall Scroll Poster (32″x42″) Inches

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Television Shows We Employed To Watch – 1970′s British Tv show – Mind Your Language

Image by brizzle born and bred
Mind Your Language is a British comedy television series, that premiered on ITV in late 1977.

Produced by LWT and directed by Stuart Allen, it is set in a school for adult students in London, focusing on the English as a Foreign Language class taught by Mr. Jeremy Brown, portrayed by Barry Evans, who had to deal with a motley crew of foreigners.

3 series were produced by LWT between 1977–79, and the show was briefly revived in 1986 with some of the original cast.

The series focuses on the adult students of the English as a Foreign Language class in a London school. The classes take place in the early evening, and are taught by Mr. Brown, although on occasion other people take over the class if he is not offered.

The class consists of foreigners with varying degrees of English proficiency. The humour of the show is derived from the students misunderstanding English words or terms, and plays up to the cultural stereotype of their individual nation of origin.

Season 1 takes location over a full school year, starting with Mr. Brown becoming hired by the Headmistress Miss Courtney, and ends with the students sitting for their Lower Cambridge Certificate.

Season Two begins at the start off of the next school year, with all ten previous students returning soon after having failed their exam, and two new students joining them, for a total of twelve.

Season One and Two mainly took location within the classroom, but the later seasons explored settings outside of the school.

The show was cancelled in 1979 by Michael Grade, then-LWT’s Deputy Controller of Entertainment, who regarded as the stereotyping offensive (some public debate had established that several people discovered it racist).

Nevertheless the series was sold to other countries, which includes Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and Singapore.

It was also 1 of the 1st British Television programmes shown in South Africa soon after the end of the boycott by Equity.

It was resurrected briefly for the export market by an independent producer in the mid 1980s. Some ITV businesses didn’t show any of the episodes made in 1986. Only Granada transmitted the final 13 episodes consecutively as a total series.

A variety of international tv shows based on the premise of Mind Your Language have followed the original series. Among them are What a Country! (US), Zabaan Sambhalke (India), Zaban Sambhal Kai (Pakistan) and Second Opportunity! (Nigeria).


Barry Evans as Jeremy Brown

Zara Nutley as Miss Courtney

Dino Shafeek as Ali Nadim

George Camiller as Giovanni Capello/Cuppello

Kievork Malikyan as Maximillian Papandrious

Robert Lee as Taro Nagazumi

Jacki Harding as Anna Schmidt

Jamila Massey as Jamila Ranjha

Ricardo Montez as Juan Cervantes

Albert Moses as Ranjeet Singh

Francoise Pascal as Danielle Favre

Pi-Sen Lim as Chung Su-Lee

Iris Sadle as Gladys

Tommy Godfrey as Sid

Gabor Vernon as Zoltan Szabo

Anna Bergman as Ingrid Svenson

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Star Trek (Single-Disc Edition)

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Texaco Star Theater 1950 Theme Song- Milton Berle Show

The Milton Berle Show in the early 1950s opened with the singing of this song
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Star Trek: Initial Battle of Deep Space 9

Watch in High Quality First Battle of Deep Space 9 Portion of the Federation-Klingon War (2372-73) Date: 2372 Location: Deep Space 9 Result: Federation victory, Withdrawal of Klingon forces from Bajoran space Belligerents: United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire Notable commanders: Benjamin Sisko, Gowron, Martok (Changeling) Strength: United Federation of Planets 1 Space station 6 ships, which includes 1 Galaxy-class, 1 Miranda-class vessel and 2+ Excelsior-class ships Klingon Empire 50+ Klingon vessels Casualties and losses: United Federation of Planets, none Klingon Empire, 8+
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Star Trek, Deep Space Nine: In The Pale Moonlight

The Finest Moment in Star Trek Deep Space Nine, which explains how the Romulans joined the Dominion war. I warn you, this is about as far away from Star Trek as you can get, but it is flawless in execution… From the Episode, ‘In the Pale moonlight’ Star Trek is owned by Paramount
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Star Trek Deep Space Nine Opening Intro (Season 6)

Yet another Lovely Introduction To A Beautiful Series, Welcome Home (sorry about the sound, it appears sped up far more than usual) All copyrights belongs to their respective owners
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Complete Series

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Star Trek Deep Space Nine – The Complete Sixth Season

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Complete Series

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Complete Series


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