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Mystery Dinner – An Simple Party for All Ages

Every guest receives a half sheet of paper with the full menu printed on top.  The menu should have six items.  Example: Salad, Soup, Bread, Main Course, Vegetable, Fruit Salad or applesauce.

On the bottom half of the paper write “First Course” followed by 3 lines. Then print “Second Course” and 3 lines and “Third Course” three lines.

Each guest will write their name on their menu and fill out the three course selections by writing a number 1-9 on every line.  Example: First Course, two, five, 7.   Second Course, 1, 8, 9.  Third Course, three, four, 6. You might also have a selection of salad dressings listed at the bottom—they can circle their choice.

Everybody has noticed a list of the food that will be served and each and every number stands for a menu item. Six menu items, nine numbers? Here’s the twist. Silverware is also included as a menu item.

The host has previously (and secretly) assigned a number to each item.  Example: 1=Spoon, 2=Salad, three=Bread, four=Knife, etc.

Now that everyone has filled out their menu and is seated at the dinner table, the work begins for the servers (Mom, Dad, siblings). Bring each guest their initial course—maybe they get bread, salad and a knife.  Possibly just silverware!  Following everybody is carried out with the initial course (supply lots of napkins!) choose up plates AND any silverware they might have received.

Yes, spaghetti may have to be eaten with fingers. Soup slurped up without benefit of a spoon. Corn balanced on a knife.  It’s messy and funny! You will be surprised at who will eat with the most gusto and least inhibition.

Your menu items can be suited to any age group and any budget. I’ve carried out this dinner for 1st graders and sophomores. Even adults can get pleasure from this wacky dinner. Pull out the paper plates, type up the menus on your computer (or hand write them) and let the fun begin!

Written by tscruz

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8 simple rules does “Three’s Company” parody

2003 parody on Three’s company on Ritter’s “8 simple rules”. Sadly, he died at the start of the second season. This is part of a season 1 episode.
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