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How many years total has the “Degrassi” shows been on television?

Question by HI IM NAPOLEON: How many years total has the “Degrassi” shows been on television?
Such as “Degrassi Old School”, “Degrassi Junior High”, “Degrassi The Next Generation” and I don’t know if there are any far more…? How several years total has the show been on TV? Or just tell me the date when the 1st show aired? :) Thanks!

Greatest answer:

Answer by Over it
Sometime during the 80′s is when I 1st saw it around.

Here ya go this ought to be specifically what you want.

Give your answer to this question below!

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old tv shows

old tv shows

Image by aziritt

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old tv shows

old tv shows

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The Collector Edition Red Skelton – 18 DVD Boxed Set! 63 Great Shows!

The Collector Edition Red Skelton – 18 DVD Boxed Set! 63 Great Shows!

Red Skelton – The Collector Edition! 18 DVD Set! Red Skelton, America’s Clown Prince, is one of the most beloved and honored comedians of all time. His career spanned over five decades, from his early days in vaudeville to the radio and the movie

List Price: $ 99.98

Price: $ 74.95

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TV Shows We Used To Watch – 1970′s British TV show – Love thy Neighbour

TV Shows We Used To Watch – 1970′s British TV show – Love thy Neighbour

Image by brizzle born and bred
‘Love Thy Neighbour’ was a popular British sitcom, which was aired from April 13, 1972, until January 22, 1976, spanning seven series.

The sitcom was produced by Thames Television and broadcast by ITV. The main cast included Jack Smethurst, Rudolph Walker, Nina Baden-Semper and Kate Williams. In 1973, the series was adapted into a movie, with a sequel series set in Australia. The series was created and largely written by Vince Powell and Harry Driver, and was based around a suburban white working class couple who unwittingly found themselves living next door to a black couple, and the white couple’s attempts to come to terms with this.

Love Thy Neighbour was hugely popular in the 1970s. During that era, Britain struggled to come to terms with its recently-arrived population of black immigrants, and Love Thy Neighbour exemplified this struggle. It aroused great controversy for many of the same reasons as the earlier Till Death Us Do Part.

The views of the white male character (Eddie Booth, played by Smethurst) were presented in such a way as to make him appear stupid and bigoted, and were contrasted with the more tolerant attitude of his wife.

His use of terms such as nig-nog to refer to his black neighbour, despite being intended as ironic by the script-writers, attracted considerable criticism from viewers. The male black character was, in contrast educated and sophisticated, although stubborn and also capable of racism using the terms Honky, Snowflake, Paleface or Big White Chief to describe his white neighbour.

The series has since been repeated on satellite television stations in the UK, however, each episode begins with a warning about content at the start of each show.

Eddie Booth (Jack Smethurst) is a white socialist. His world is turned on its head when Bill and Barbie Reynolds move in next door. He is even more annoyed when Bill gets a job at the same factory as him, and refers to him as a "nig-nog", "Sambo", "choc-ice" or "King Kong".

He also has a tendency to call Chinese, Pakistanis or Indians names like "Fu Manchu", "Gunga Din" and "Ali Baba". He is a very devoted supporter of Manchester United Football Club. His catchphrases include "Bloody Nora!", "Knickers!", "The subject is closed", "you bloody nig-nog!" and "Get knotted!"

Joan Booth (Kate Williams) is Eddie’s wife. She does not share her bigoted husband’s opinion of their black neighbours, and is good friends with Barbie. Her catchphrases include "Don’t be ridiculous!" and "Don’t talk rubbish!".

Bill Reynolds (Rudolph Walker) is a West Indian and a Conservative. Whenever Eddie tries to outdo him, Bill usually ends up having the last laugh. He occasionally refers to Eddie as a "white honky" and "snowflake", and doesn’t like catching Eddie staring at his wife.

He also has a very high-pitched laugh. His catchphrases include "Hey, honky!", "Cobblers!" and "You talking to me, snowflake?".

Barbie Reynolds (Nina Baden-Semper) is Bill’s wife and gets along very well with her next door neighbour, Joan Booth. Eddie is sometimes fascinated by her, especially in the pilot episode when she bent over while wearing hot pants.

Jacko Robinson (Keith Marsh) is an elderly white man and socialist who works with Bill and Eddie. His catchphrase is "I’ll have half", in reference to a half pint of beer.

Arthur Thomas (Tommy Godfrey) is another of Eddie and Bill’s co-workers at the factory, and is often seen in the local pub playing cards and talking about trade union issues.

Love Thy Neighbour has been criticised for its politically incorrect handling of issues of race, although its writers have claimed that each episode included both anti-white and anti-black sentiment.

It is often used as shorthand for television before the era of political correctness. Although both characters were bigoted and intolerant, Bill usually had the last laugh and rarely got his comeuppance.

See ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ Video Clip

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Two quality TV shows of all time!

Two quality TV shows of all time!

Image by Gene Hunt
Yes, to the left is Airwolf. A show about a helicopter with all the weapons and mod cons from the 1980s which I used to love as a kid (still do!). And to the right is the second series of Life on Mars which I bought way back in April.

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5 Outstanding TV Shows That Could Include Cheap Landau Scrubs

5 Outstanding TV Shows That Could Include Cheap Landau Scrubs

Have you seen the TV show “Scrubs”? It has won both an Emmy Award and Peabody Award. The show has been airing on network TV, since the fall of 2001. It continues a history of quality TV shows based on employment in the medical field. Interestingly, the comedy-drama is not named after a particular physician in the show, as other shows about the medical field, are. Instead, the title “Scrubs” refers to the common attire of medical personnel. Still, “Scrubs” is not the only TV show in which you can spot people wearing scrubs, such as cheap landau scrubs:

1. MASH (1972-1983)

The TV series MASH includes scrub-clad surgeons in the Korean War. MASH is a comedy-drama about surgeons who are stationed in South Korea. The show was extremely popular during its original run, with its final episode earning more than 105 million viewers-a TV history record! “MASH” the TV show was based on “MASH” the movie, which was based on a novel. The show focused on vital personnel of the (US) Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.

2. Trapper John, M.D. (1979-1986)

This show is actually a spinoff of the character “Trapper John” McIntyre, who appeared in the motion picture and TV series “MASH.” “MASH” is based on surgeons who served in the U.S. military, during the Korean War. “Trapper John, M.D.” chronicles the life of McIntyre, 28 years after leaving his MASH unit. In the show, Trapper serves as San Francisco Memorial Hospital’s chief of surgery. The show also features George Alonzo “Gonzo” Gates. Gates also served in a MASH unit, but in the Vietnam War.

3. Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989-1993)

This is yet another TV show that included medical personnel wearing scrubs. The show focuses on Doogie Howser, a gifted teenager who graduated from college at 10-years-old. What makes the show particularly interesting is that Doogie must juggle the challenges of being both a physician and a teenager. Features of the show include Vinnie Delpino, Doogie’s naughty best friend; and Doogie creating an entry in his computerized diary–at the end of each show.

4. Scrubs (2001-Present)

“Scrubs” is a comedy-drama show that is currently running on network TV. The name of the show is based on the uniforms that medical personnel often wear. Scrubs are lightweight, comfortable attire that are typically light green, light blue, or even pink. “Scrubs” concentrates on the workers at a teaching hospital named “Sacred Heart.” The show includes an array of quick dialogue, slapstick comedy, and surreal short bits. The eighth season of “Scrubs” will begin in early 2009.

5. Grey’s Anatomy (2005-Present)

“Grey’s Anatomy” is a medical drama on primetime television. Its name pays tribute to the medical textbook of the same name. The show centers on Dr. Meredith Grey, who works at Seattle Grace Hospital. “Grey’s Anatomy” features scrub-clad doctors and surgical interns.

Throughout its history, television has aired several quality shows, including various ones about medical personnel. Oftentimes their characters wear comfortable and hygienic scrubs-representing the best of the best in medical attire.

Brent McNutt enjoys talking about cheap landau scrubs and cheap urbane scrubs as well as networking with healthcare professionals online.

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Top 10 TV Shows of All Time

Top 10 TV Shows of All Time

Here is my list of my ten all time favorite TV shows, in no particular order. These are the shows

that I could watch at anytime. I’ll try to keep it fun by telling you what I didn’t like about

them and their characters, some great lines from the shows, maybe some interesting things you

didn’t know, and more – anything but just the usual top ten list.

1. The Rockford Files

Cool theme song. Cool car (gold Firebird, which crashed innumerable times). Great cast with

Rocky, Angel & others. Cool trailer on Malibu beach with a handy bar for rendezvous and drops,

etc. Great cases, mostlly believable. Lots of good guest stars, like Lyndsey Wagner at her most

beautiful. I’ve said all this without even mentioning the lead: James Garner, the consummate cool


Gimmicks and or quirks, etc.:
Now-dated answering machine from which we hear something amusing before the theme song kicks in.

James Garner’s brother Jack in cameo roles as, often, a bailiff, a bartender and the like.

Great line:
Angel: “Just do (kill) Jimmy, and I’ll spread the word (tell what might happen to others should

they doublecross these thugs like Jimmy did).”

2. Gunsmoke

What a great cast, with Matt, Doc, Kitty, Chester, Festus, Sam and others. This show began as

thirty minutes but was expanded to an hour. Some of the early shows were tightly scripted and

regular works of art. Ran twenty years (1955-75).

Gimmicks and or quirks, etc.:
Early on, old Doc was often drunk as a skunk, but he sobered up as the years passed. The Bull’s

Head saloon as a rougher alternative to Miss Kitty’s Longbranch. The house near the pond, which

was often used in scenes set out of town.

Great line:
“Becasue we’re gonna bushwhack em,” as said by a very early and very un-Matt Matt, to Chester,

when Chester asked him why they were hiding out in a cabin with some thugs nearby.

3. The Andy Griffith Show

This show has always been very therapeutic for me to watch . . . just something about it I can’t

put my finger on; let’s just say that if it’s an episode I’ve already seen, I don’t care, I’ll

watch it again, because I just want to be in Mayberry, and it doesn’t matter to me what they’re

doing there.

Gimmicks and or quirks, etc.:
Drunk Otis having access to the keys as he’s locked up weekly for being lit up. Andy being a lot

more “countrified” in the earlier episodes, his pants sometimes stuck clumsilly down his nerdy

boots. Barber Floyd being nearly mad . . . as in crazy. Goober saying “Yo.” Gomer saying “Tell

‘em Gomer says hey.” Very fake downtown Mayberry drawn as background mural outside the courthouse

door. Different love interests for Andy: Elinor Donahue, Joanne Moore (Tatum O’Neal’s mom), Julie

Adams, Anita Whatever who played Helen for a long run. (I was more of a Thelma Lou fan; she

looked remarkably like Olivia De Havilland.)

Memorable lines:
Goober: “Judy, Judy, Judy.”
Gomer: “Shazam!”

4. M*A*S*H

Great ensemble cast. We’ve all seen it, so let me just blurb about the characters:

Hawkeye: Great except for when there was too much Hawkeye, like when he was trying to stay awake

by babbling to this Korean family unfortunate enough to be housing him. Don’t get me wrong – I

love the role.

Annoying to me, a bit too precious with the raised eyebrows and shoulder shrugs.


Better before he got the mustache, after which, he seemd to have a chip on his shoulder as

if unsure of his manhood should anyone get beneath the cheese of the mustache.

Better before he became “Christianized” – I think you know what I mean if you’ve watched; just a

tad too nice, a bit too eager to please.

Hot Lips:
I surrender. Lead me to Margaret in her tight sweater and tight britches, especially when her

hair was parted in the middle, and before she got too thin and lost most of the Hot Lipsishness.

There is, however, a nasty scene with her, when she and Charles were eating some canned bird and

they became sick because of it – her teeth were quite yellow and she looked kind of gross gorging

herself on it.

Father Mulcahey:
The excitement level dropped a foot when he was given a line. Sorry.

Charles E. Winchester:
Great role; very noble at times … but justy barely, as when he admitted some general molested

Hot Lips and not the other way around.

The Zen and Taoist center of the cast, always trying to hide his poor deformed left hand, often

behind a clipboard, as if any of us would think anything of it. (Pat Hingle, who guested as

General Daniel Webster Tucker, was missing a pinky and didn’t try to hide it.)

Henry Blake:
Laugh riot; could have cried when he was killed off.

Colonel Sherman T. Potter:
One of the most annoying roles ever, one of those old grumps who thinks he’s a natural treasure

and that people want him to be regurgitating arid cliches. Pretty much played the same dumb role

in Dragnet (see below).

5. Alias Smith & Jones

Great show because of the charming leads, Pete Duel & Ben Murphy. Pete, who committed suicide

during the run of the show, was replaced by Roger Davis, who did the original narration of the

lead-in theme. Mr. Davis wasn’t nearly as likeable as Mr. Duel, though he was adequate in the

role. There were some great guests, like Burl Ives, and some beauties like Michelle Lee, Claudine

Longet, Susan Strasberg & Sally Fields. The show is said to be a takeoff on the popularity of the

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid film.

Gimmicks and or quirks, etc.:
The promise of amnesty for their crimes always being just on the horizon but somehow always

beyond reach; the recurring Devil’s Hole gang.

6. Law & Order

We all know this show that has run for years and has the most twisting and interesting plots, so

let’s get down to the good stuff: the rating of the female ADAs as to their attractiveness. (The

list below shows the best as being #1.)

1. Angie Harmon – that voice, the withering looks with which she could emasculate any male perp,

her model looks, & heck, she comes from Texas!
2. Carey Lowell – the word adorable was created for this fresh-faced, earnest Bond girl; if she’s

good enough for Richard Gere, she’s good enough for you.
3. Jill Hennessey – another model-quality gal with a husky voice, the exqusite bobbed hair; oh,

how brutally they killed her off!
4. Annie Parisse – maybe the most beautiful of all, but her run seemed brief to me; related by

marriage to Sam Waterston in real life, I believe; another of them killed off, she choking on her

own vomit.
5. Alana de la Garza – haven’t seen that much of this girl, but she’s a stunner with sculpted

6. Elisabeth Röhm  – oh, dear, this girl was nice and pretty enough but, whereas she was

attractive, the other girls mentioned above were absolutely magnetic; it’s probably the blond

hair, and she looks to me pretty much like every other blond.

7. Dragnet

This cop show was so earnest and corny, it was wonderful, and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I

only had much exposure to the later (reborn) color issue of it beginning in the sixties. I think

producer and star Jack Webb was trying to do the LAPD a big favor with this show, back in that

crazy era, in trying to show that cops weren’t so bad; but it was often pretty heavy-handed

stuff, with the hippies being pretty much evil and the bad cop being as rare as platinum. Lots of

square and cornball drug use allusions. Be warned, the grating Harry Morgan (who just turned 94!)

was his sidekick (see M*A*S*H note above).

Gimmicks and or quirks, etc.:
Jack Webb barely moving his arms as he walked stiff as a board. “Just the facts,” “Howzat?” Watch

for Kent McCord as officer Jim Reed, without Martin Milner, of Adam 12. Watch for Bobby Troup (as

a bartender, perp, etc.), who penned song classic “Route 66″ and was married to Jack Webb’s ex-

wife Julie London, with whom Bobby later starred in Emergency.

8. The Waltons

This show was born from the excellent and now classic Christmas movie The Homecoming. Seven kids

living in 1930s-40s Virginia with their parents and paternal grandparents. Lots of heartwarming

episodes. Slow episodes always concerned a moody Olivia. I had a big crush on Erin! My favorite

episode was about a class reunion of John’s (Ralph Waite’s) high school class, in which several

of his old classmates gave the warmest tributes to John; John was my favorite character.

Gimmicks and or quirks, etc.:
The old family truck, which seemed to be held together with chewing gum and chicken wire. Daddy’s

(Ralph Waite’s) old longjohns looked like they might stand up by themselves if he ever took them

off and stood them in a corner. The woodenness of the replacement John Boy when Richard Thomas

left the show. Did you know that Mama (Michael Learned) wasn’t really old enough to be John Boy’s

(Richard Thomas’s) mother in real life, because there were only twelve years’ difference in their


9. Dallas

This wasn’t just a show around my house on Friday nights, it was an event! We would pop popcorn

and all gather around the set. Let me just blurb about some of the characters:

J.R.: Who shot this guy? As evil as a lead came, but he had a deep sense of family . . . unless,

of course, that family member stood in his way of something he wanted. Someone please set him up

with a quenching bourban and branch, please.

Jock: This patriarch always seemed to be way too rugged for the sissy settings, like breakfasting

around the pool; one would rather expect to see him sniffing out an oil well or busting a bronco.

He died too young, taking some of the heart of the show with him.

Bobby: The pretty boy. Too nice until he learned to get right down in the dirt with J.R. Got to

do love scenes with a youthful and exquisite Victoria Principle as Pam. Aside: My family and I

sat next to his table at a Louise Mandrell concert, and she pointed him out in the audience and

had him take the stage and do a number with her; and he obliged her, good sport that he was. His

Buddhism helped him cope with the brutal, real-life murder of his parents.

Pam: Tons of sex appeal but needy and moody.

Sue Ellen: Beautiful ex Miss Texas. Drunk. Would hook up with Cliff Barnes & Dusty Farlow to get

back at a cheating J.R. I thought shows with her battling the bottle were snoozers. Had sexy

May/September fling with Chris Atkins (as Peter).

Miss Ellie: Boring character. You will wonder what Jock and Digger Barnes . . . or anybody, for

that matter, ever saw in her. Could kill the excitment level of any episode with one of her

audible sighs.

Lucy: Sex kitten deluxe. Drove the much older Ray Krebs wild in the early days of the show, by

seducing him in his truck as he drove her to high school, which led to their locating the nearest

hayloft.  She was built like a brick dollhouse and she knew it. Scenes she was in seemed to have

a potential for fireworks, because she might say something that could be embarrassing to just

about anyone.

10. The Situation Room

I better list a news program before you know I’m a complete idiot. The hard-working Wolf Blitzer

hosts this show. Grouchy Jack Cafferty is always amusing.


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