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NYC – Rockefeller Center: 30 Rockefeller Plaza – Television

NYC – Rockefeller Center: 30 Rockefeller Plaza – Television

Image by wallyg
A companion piece to Radio, on the 50th street entrance, Leo Friedlander’s Television has adorned the pylon flanking the 49th Street entrance of 30 Rockefeller Plaza since its installation in 1934. The heroic-scale Art Deco sculptures are associated thematically with the building’s main tenant, NBC, but they are anything but easy to interpret. In both, the most important concept is transmission.

The figures on the west pylon are dancing with their left legs lifted. That image is being transmitted by the larger figure who looks down at her hands, which frame the invisibule picture. That transmission is sent to the east pylon, where the standing figure of reception presenting a small image of the dancing figures to the seated figures, representing an audience.

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