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Restoration of the Daleks

PLEASE READ: Thank to everybody for being patient for this, Shot on the 5th of march 2009 in 3 hours. I initial had the thought for this film about a year ago when i was helping out at a Hyde Fundraiser event in South Shields. I just saw a new series dalek setting up and the eye just lit up and that got me thinking. Then I asked Luke Pietnik if he wouldnt mind writting me a script about 10 mins lengthy, soon after giving him a set of guidelines he started work. Very littlewas changed from the original draft. I then asked a couple of pals of mine from The Hyde Fundraisers (please appear them up) if they woudlnt mind acting in it employing thier props and costumes. The shooting day was a bit hectic with the Studio becoming double booked that day which lead to us loosing 2 hours of recording time. if we had the full quantity of time i think we could have got some much better shots (which it could do with really) never ever the less im quite happy with the final item and im really greatful to every person who has contributed. And I think a large properly done is owed to Composer Danny Stewart, who created a superb score for this brief. These days i have accsess to Full HD recording equipment so I’m going to have to do an additional “who” related film within the next year. Hope you all enjoy this! Rob. ps i’ll sort out a download at somepoint :) Tuesday – 26th November – 02:19 Honours for this video (12) #3 – Most Discussed (Right now) – Film & Animation #58 – Most Discussed (Nowadays) – Film & Animation – Global #34 – Most Discussed
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