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Celebrity Train Layouts, Portion two – Tom Snyder

Celebrity Train Layouts, Component 2 – Tom Snyder Best Prices

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The Flying Doctors No Way Back Portion 1 Of five

Portion 1
Video Rating: five / five

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Here Come The Brides – A Christmas Place – (Portion 1 of Six)

This episode of HCTB originally aired on December 18, 1968. For those of you who have in no way noticed this delightful 60′s series, it was loosely based on the film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. In this version, in order to maintain his mountain from falling into the hands of Aaron Stempel (Mark Lenard), Jason Bolt (Robert Brown) and his two brothers Joshua (David Soul) and Jeremy (Bobby Sherman) had to bring 100 eligible brides from Massachusetts to Seattle where they had to stay for a year. Whilst a premise such as this could have effortlessly turned out to be one thing silly, it turned out to be just the opposite, frequently tackling controversial problems along the way. However, it managed to remain extremely entertaining. The first season is offered on DVD and we’re patiently waiting for the release of the second season but I’m not confident it will ever see the light of day. Anyway, in keeping with the Christmas them, this is the Christmas episode from the initial season. Despite the fact that it is okay, I don’t believe it’s a true indicator of what the series was about.

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Hogan’s Heroes s1e12 portion 1

Episode Name: The Scientist

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Night Gallery – “Fright Night” – Portion 1 of 3

By popular demand! A somewhat watchable print of the episode that scared the bejeebers out of me as a kid. I only located a copy lately and was impressed to see how significantly I remembered, and how accurately. And I think it is nonetheless fairly good!

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Martin Luther King Jr Interview (Portion 1 of three)

Martin Luther King Jr. on The Mike Douglas Show

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I Enjoy Lucy – Off to Florida Portion two/2

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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WE Remember VIVIAN VANCE Portion two

Video Rating: 5 / five

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Common Hospital 03/28/11 Portion 1/two

Video Rating: five / 5

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Mork & Mindy – Season 1 episode 1: Pilot (portion 1)

Very first episode of Mork & Mindy. Mork’s boss, Orson, assigns Mork to study the planet Earth. Right after landing near Boulder, Colorado, he meets Mindy McConnell who was stranded in the woods by her lecherous boyfriend. Thinking Mork is a priest, Mindy lets Mork escort her home. Even so, when they are back at Mindy’s apartment she discovers that he is an alien. Later, in a flashback sequence, Mork tells Mindy about a previous pay a visit to to Earth when Fonzie arranged a date for him with Laverne De Fazio. When Mindy’s father, Fred, discovers that Mork had moved in with Mindy, Deputy Tilwick delivers to scare Mork off. Tilwick believes Mork is insane and tries to have him committed.
Video Rating: four / five

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