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Hollywood Squares – Peter Marshall Interview Hollywood Squares game show host Peter Marshall interview with Explore Talent. Peter Marshall discusses the show, Paul Lynde and how Hollywood Squares began. For more interviews with Peter Marshall go to http Explore Talent helps actors find auditions and jobs for television, film and theater.
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Peter Sellers on the Muppet Show

Comedy genius Peter Sellers does Queen Victoria and Richard III on the Muppet Show. Now available on the Season 2 DVD set.
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Peter Marshall – exclusive interview

Legendary game show host and actor, Peter Marshall, is the host of “Vintage Hollywood”, one of Time Life’s several infomercials. Get your 25 DVD “Vintage Hollywood” box set here: The Vintage Hollywood Film Collection is an anthology of 50 classic films from the Golden Age of Cinema. Now digitally remastered, these are the movies that defined an era, entertained a generation and personified the magic and glamour of the silver screen. Comedies, Dramas, Family favorites, Adventures, Musicals, Westerns, Thrillers and Film Noir, now you can own them all in one star-filled, exclusive collection. Consists of movie reel shaped collector’s tin, display stand, film guide booklet, and CD of 12 classic movie scores. Also included is 31 original theatrical trailers—many haven’t been noticed in years! Highlights Incorporate: 1. Road to Bali Starring Bing Crosby and Bobe Hope two. His Girl Friday Starring Cary Grant three. Enjoy Affair Starring Irene Dunne 4. A Small Princess Starring Shirley Temple five. Royal Wedding Starring Fred Astaire 6. McLintock! Starring John Wayne 7. My Man Godfrey Starring Carole Lombard 8. My Favorite Brunette Starring Bob Hope 9. Lady of Burlesque Starring Barbara Stanwyck ten. The Outlaw Starring Jane Russell Plus 40 a lot more hit classic movies.
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Best of the Muppet Show – Peter Sellers / John Cleese / Dudley Moore

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A Man Named Peter: The Story of Peter Marshall

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Hollywood Squares Peter Marshall’s Oops

This is another that I snagged off the net, so whomever posted it… Thank You! I’m not sure if this is already out there in YouTube land, but I forgot that I had it in my files and thought I’d share it with everyone. This is from the original “Hollywood Squares” with Peter Marshall as host. 1st, Peter gets a historical “one-liner” from Paul Lynde… 2nd… how do you pronounce dinosaurs? LOL To watch in High Quality, enter &fmt=18 at the end of the web address at the top.

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Doctor Who: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Daleks (The Peter Jones-y Edit)

As a few individuals have been asking, here’s a version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Daleks, with a much more-Peter Jones-y vocal. Tons of people offered their voices following seeing the original (here: ) and so I thought I’d give it a pop. Thanks to Mole – PA Smith, for his stunningly benevolent Peter Jonesiness. I hope you like it. Andrew EDIT: Thanks to every person for their lovely comments – I can’t reply to them all, but I do read them. You may possibly like some of my other videos too. – Andrew

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Peter Marshall at The Follies

Peter Marshall at The Follies

Image by The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies
Peter Marshall attended a recent matinee performance of The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies.

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Peter Dickson

Peter Dickson

GTI~~Peter Dickson App Business Card.============================================================================Peter Dickson, the most recognized voice-over artist in the UK has only gone and got himself an App Business Card!With voice-over function with the X-Factor, E4 and television programs such as Loved ones Fortunes and Chris Moyles Quiz Night, as properly as countless radio work.The Peter Dickson App Company Card is the best way to maintain up to date with Peters present work in this quick-paced digital world.============================================================================It’s game over for the humble enterprise card.When the bread and butter of each networking opportunity, the physical company card is about to be consigned to history.That?s since this is the age of the App Business Card ? an exciting digital introduction you can download to your iPhone in an instant. The App Company Card contains all you want to say about yourself, your photo, portfolio, get in touch with details, audio files, even video.It?s an exquisite development in the world of digital business. Join the revolution with an App Company Card. It?s as straightforward as “ABC”============================================================================For much more info, please pay a visit to:www.squidgypig.television

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Sold by Apple iTunes

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Dr Who: Daleks vs Mechons – the Third Peter Cushing film trailer…

Everyone knows that there were two Dalek films in the 1960s starring Peter Cushing. It’s not generally knwon that there was a third film made in 1967, based on the Doctor Who TV serial ‘The Chase’. The master print of the film was lost in a fire in the Aaru / Amicus archives before the film was officially released. In 2009, in a box of dusty, charred old film canisters in the basement of a church in northern England, I located the last surviving footage from this film. All that survived was the trailer… I hope you enjoy it! Andrew (Voiceover by Mole – PA Smith)
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