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Let?s Party!

Now that you have your cheap adult costume it’s time to think about what you will do on Halloween. Maybe you have been invited to a Halloween party or perhaps you will throw one yourself.

If you’re having your own party plan well in advance because some of your friends may be having  the same idea or perhaps you can get together with some of your closest friends and all of you can plan a Halloween jamboree together.

Don’t forget to check when Halloween is since you will want to have the party on a Friday or Saturday evening so it may fall right on Halloween or just before. A great thing to do is to come up with a theme for your event. If you don’t wish to have a roomful of oddly assorted characters then having a theme like perhaps the 60’s you’re sure to have some wonderful surprises and your friends will find it easier to decide what to be with it all coming down to one subject.

Once you have come up with a theme for your Halloween bash the next thing to do is to get invitations.

Say your theme has to do with monsters the more frightening and interesting your invitations will be the more interested your friends will be to attend your party. Don’t forget to add an R.S.V.P. date so that you can plan all the food and decorations that you will need and stay within budget.

There are very many different Halloween decorations and food ideas available on-line. Remember the traditional carved pumpkins. Having a party you may wish to choose carving several pumpkins and placing them in strategic positions in the room from which they will throw strange, spooky shadows. You may wish to take two pumpkins and draw faces on them but not carve them, then cut off the top and clean them out. Now you have two unique punch bowls you can fill with red, black or green punch.

Black and orange balloons are great. The more you have the more you can pop at certain moments at the party to make your guests jump especially if you have a room full of ghouls. Whatever your party theme you can still turn your house into a haunted palace by buying things like special accessories from which you can created spider webs and hang giant rubber spiders.

When considering food the best idea for a Halloween party is finger food. Lovely ideas like making cheese balls that appear as if they have mold on them or are old and rotten. If you’re talented you can make cheese balls which appear like cut off heads using large olives for eyeballs, red pepper strips for leering mouths and so on. Make a taco dip and stick in taco chips which appear to be tombstones and drip some taco sauce over them to look like blood dripping down. Tasty chicken fingers which appear bloody sticking out of shredded lettuce. The ideas are endless and the Internet is there to help you decide. – Buy cheap Adult and teen costumes at Cheap Adult Costumes

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It’s Miller Time! – Come On And Join The Party [ORIGINAL RECORDINGS REMASTERED] 2CD SET

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Mystery Dinner – An Simple Party for All Ages

Every guest receives a half sheet of paper with the full menu printed on top.  The menu should have six items.  Example: Salad, Soup, Bread, Main Course, Vegetable, Fruit Salad or applesauce.

On the bottom half of the paper write “First Course” followed by 3 lines. Then print “Second Course” and 3 lines and “Third Course” three lines.

Each guest will write their name on their menu and fill out the three course selections by writing a number 1-9 on every line.  Example: First Course, two, five, 7.   Second Course, 1, 8, 9.  Third Course, three, four, 6. You might also have a selection of salad dressings listed at the bottom—they can circle their choice.

Everybody has noticed a list of the food that will be served and each and every number stands for a menu item. Six menu items, nine numbers? Here’s the twist. Silverware is also included as a menu item.

The host has previously (and secretly) assigned a number to each item.  Example: 1=Spoon, 2=Salad, three=Bread, four=Knife, etc.

Now that everyone has filled out their menu and is seated at the dinner table, the work begins for the servers (Mom, Dad, siblings). Bring each guest their initial course—maybe they get bread, salad and a knife.  Possibly just silverware!  Following everybody is carried out with the initial course (supply lots of napkins!) choose up plates AND any silverware they might have received.

Yes, spaghetti may have to be eaten with fingers. Soup slurped up without benefit of a spoon. Corn balanced on a knife.  It’s messy and funny! You will be surprised at who will eat with the most gusto and least inhibition.

Your menu items can be suited to any age group and any budget. I’ve carried out this dinner for 1st graders and sophomores. Even adults can get pleasure from this wacky dinner. Pull out the paper plates, type up the menus on your computer (or hand write them) and let the fun begin!

Written by tscruz

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Hancock’s Half Hour: The Reunion Party – Pt. 1/three

Tony is preparing a party for some wild, crazy, booze-fuelled chums – need to be a right rave-up!!! Clive Dunn (Do not panic Mr. Mainwaring!!!) makes an apperance.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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What Would You Do If… Free Party Game

What Would You Do If… Free of charge Party Game

LOLriffic Stuff~~Appreciate playing one of the funniest group party games you could ever play! Locate out from your buddies the dirt on what they would do in funny, provocative, fascinating, and unusual situations!*** Free of charge EDITION Obtainable FOR A LIMITED TIME! *******What Would You Do If…****** If you could literally undo anything you do with one catch, you can’t undo your death?* If you accidentally discovered your newlywed wife wasn’t really a woman?* If you never ever failed at whatever you tried?* If you hated your sister-in-law and she left her toothbrush in the bathroom on top of the toilet?* If you had been suicidal and woke up sprawled on the deck of a cargo ship far out at sea with the last thing you bear in mind is jumping off a bridge?* If you bought a stuffed toy unicorn on eBay heavily marked “No returns” and it turned out to be the real living thing?* If you died but came back to life a few years later?* If you just happened to be dressed up like the zookeeper who performs a show with lions and got shoved up on stage to give a performance?Get pleasure from OVER 200 OF THESE FUNNY, Fascinating, AND CURIOUS WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF…? QUESTIONS FOR A Enjoyable FILLED PARTY GAME!It is a enjoyable way to pass the time on a bus or train going to school or function. And it’s even much more hilarious to play with other people at a party or social gathering with your pals or boyfriend / girlfriend. The more you drink, the funnier everyone’s answers will get!Laugh at funny, peculiar, or awkward situations and discovering out what other people or you would do when presented with these opportunities you usually would in no way get in life? Like What Would You Do If (WWYD?) if you could choose up and recognize any language inside seconds of hearing it but often sound like an idiot speaking it? Would you travel the world? Would you grow to be a universal translator and beg your customers only to give you written translations or otherwise be deemed a fool? Or would you go ahead and forget your special talent and not care about it and do what you are performing now with your life?This game can quickly be the life of the party and is simple to use, just click next for the next WWYD? funny situation to laugh at with your friends, bf, gf or co workers on break.If you like party games like Would you rather? or I’ve by no means ever? / In no way have I ever? Then you’ll adore this game of WWYD — virtually like a game of WWJD, what would Jesus do but with intriguing and funny situations instead!*** DOWNLOAD FOR Free of charge FROM ITUNES FOR A LIMTED TIME! ***

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Ryan’s Hope “Ryan’s Christening Party”

Jack tries to hurt Mary by bringing a woman to his child’s christening party. No one is pleased. The song for Mary to come soon.
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Maggie and the Ferocious Beast Party

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast Party

Image by Kid’s Birthday Parties
Maggie and the Ferocious Beast Birthday Ideas & Supplies

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Kojak: “Birthday Party”

Kojak – ‘Birthday Party’ Starring Telly Savalas Media Producer: Nicholas Savalas – Also Starring George Savalas, Kevin Dobson, Dan Frazier Guest Starring: Richard Gere, Marco St. John, Donna Mitchell Director: Sigmund Neufeld, Jr. Producer: James McAdams Executive Producer: Matthew Rapf Written by: Steven Karabatsos Music: John Cacavas, Billy Goldenberg Running Time: 44:51
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Monthly party for patients at the Mountain View General Hospital, Tacoma, Washington

Monthly party for patients at the Mountain View General Hospital, Tacoma, Washington

Image by UW Digital Collections
Monthly party for patients at the Mountain View General Hospital, Tacoma, Washington, March 1961


Subjects (LCTGM):
Sick persons
Parties–Washington (State)–Tacoma
Hospitals–Washington (State)–Tacoma

Digital Collection:
Society and Culture Collection

Item Number: SOC0806

Persistent URL:,811

Visit Special Collections reproductions and rights page for information on ordering a copy.

University of Washington Libraries. Digital Collections

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Mr Peppermint at his 74th Birthday Party at Club Dada

January 31st…… Twas a benefit for American Diabetes Association. Sara Hickman, Speed Trucker, Litttle Jack Melody played
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