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Doctor – Full Length Classic Bengali Movie – Pankaj Mullick & Indu Mukherjee

Doctor was released on 1940 Bengali film starring Pankaj Mullick, Indu Mukherjee, Bharati Debi, Ahindra Choudhruy, Kanu Bandopadhyay. The Bengali film is directed by Phani Mazumdar. Pankaj Mullick scored the music in the film. The story is as Amaranth comes from a family rooted in tradition. He studies Medicine and holds progressive views. In the some village that he lives in is a girl Maya. Maya was deserted by her finance at the wedding. This becomes reason enough for the villagers to treat her as an untouchable. Her father is on his deathbed. Amaranth, who feels the injustice, promises the dying man that he will look soon after Maya, on hearing this, Amarnath’s father Sitanath decides to marry him off to prevent any liaison with Maya. Even so, Amarnath insists on marrying Maya and leaves his ancestral property following a quarrel with his father. He vows not to use his loved ones name. He marries Maya and begins practicing as a doctor. Maya gives birth to a son. But she dies in childbirth. Amarnath tries bringing up his son on his own but soon decides to leave the child in Sitanath’s care. The child soon grows up to be a young man, wanting to marry a low-caste girl. This is not acceptable to Sitanath. Nevertheless, after a confrontation, Sitanath agrees to the match. It is on the wedding day that reconciliation takes place between Sitanath and Amarnath. However, the happiness doesn’t last long and Amarnath dies getting achieved a transformation in his father’s views. Check out us at www

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