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The Greatest American Hero: My Heroes Have Often Been Cowboys

In my mind, The Greatest American Hero: My Heroes Have Constantly Been Cowboys may possibly be the most poignant episode of this whole series.  Oddly, at the very same time, it usually feels off to me, and this is why.

The show features guest star John Hart as himself.  The actor tours the country with a horse named Silver, and he dresses up as the Lone Ranger.  Hart did play the character and he had a correct to make those appearances.  Somehow, although, it felt wrong since in my mind, when I believe of the Lone Ranger, I believe of Clayton Moore.

However, the lead character of Ralph Hinkley idolizes Hart’s portrayal and keeps saying how he grew up with the show and the character.  In truth, I got tired of hearing the remark.

That said, Ralph makes a connection with Hart, and he also gets some a lot need to have inspiration to continue employing his alien suit and doing good in the world.  It is the scenes between the two that actually touch your heart and make this show a success.

I thought the drive off at the end could have been far better.  I believe I know what they wanted it to be, but the direction was poor, and they just did not get there.

Written by Orrymain

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