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Is Courtship Necessary?

Courtship is a period when someone is trying to win love of another person. Courtship can be regarded as a period when two people who have agreed to marry get acquainted with each other. In this case, approval or consent has been given by the one being courted to the one courting, that is, they are already engaged.

It is better to court before marriage. This is because:

1. Both of you are from different background. There is need to spend time, some months before your wedding to know some things about each other.

2. Courtship allows for adjustments to some of each other’s likes and dislikes or tribal differences that will help your marriage to succeed in future.

3. It is the foundation on which every marriage is built. The way most couples live after wedding reflects the way they courted.

4. It affords you an opportunity to further confirm your conviction about the person you want to marry.

You may discover that you were not led by God after all but were carried away by mere infatuation or charm. A broken engagement is better than a broken marriage.

5. Lack of proper courtship has made a lot of couples who were brought together by God to be unhappy in their homes.

6. It is approved by God. The case of Mary and Joseph was stated in the Holy Bible to show us that courtship is biblical.

It is therefore good to court before marriage because a fruitful courtship is the one that leads to wedding and followed by a fruitful and happy marriage.

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Are the Battlestar Galactica “The Resistance” webisodes necessary to realize the start off of season three?

Question by allieblob: Are the Battlestar Galactica “The Resistance” webisodes required to realize the start off of season three?
I’ve just completed watching the season 2.5 “Lay Down Your Burdens” two-part finale, and I’m questioning if “The Resistance” is needed to comprehend what takes place at the beginning of season 3. Does it make the show far more enjoyable?

Finest answer:

Answer by Fraggle
It’s not needed but it undoubtedly makes the beginning of season three far more enjoyable. The webisodes focus on the underground resistance on New Caprica, and in my opinion they make some of the earlier scenes of teh season far more fascinating. You recognize far more about some of the minor character, plus the circumstances the humans are dealing with.

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