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I Love Lucy Theme song

Here is Desi Arnaz singing ‘I Really like Lucy”. I located it on Google, so I thought it’d be cute to share to everybody. :-)

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I Love Lucy – Chicken and Rice

Lucy explains to her mother in law what she will be preparing for dinner.
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“I Love Lucy” Theme Song (w/ Lyrics)

*Originally updated by me on my old channel – re-upload … From the episode “Lucy’s Final Birthday,” Ricky sings the typically unknown lyrics to the “I Really like Lucy” intro theme. Lyrics: I enjoy Lucy and she loves me We’re as pleased as two can be At times we quarrel but then How we love generating up again Lucy kisses like no 1 can She’s my missus and I’m her man And life is heaven you see ‘Cause I love Lucy Yes, I adore Lucy And Lucy loves me
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I love Lucy Collector’s edition

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I Think I Love You – Partridge Family

Taken from the initial and possibly greatest Tv sh… (more) Added: December 13, 2007Taken from the first and maybe greatest Television show to combine music with a scenario comedy about family life, here is 1 in a ser Taken from the initial and perhaps greatest Tv show to combine music with a scenario comedy about family life, here is 1 in a series of a lot of “re-edited” Partridge Family music videos – in STEREO and frequently with bonus footage from that episode. This is the song that started it all for me as a 5-year-old. Still my #1 favorite song of all-time
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I Love Lucy – California Here I Come

California Here I Come as sung by the cast of I Really like Lucy. Copyright DesiLu Productions.

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I love lucy chocolate

The infamous i really like lucy and the chocolate factory episode
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I Love Lucy 1950′s TV commercial

I Adore Lucy- Coming Attractions

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Barbie Collector 2008 Pink Label – Celebrity Dolls Collection – “I Love Lucy” Starring Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo in “The Christmas Show”

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Tsunami of Love

The new Matt Damon and Clint Eastwood movie “Hereafter” was just released on DVD and Blu-Ray.  The picture is extremely clairvoyant as it opens with a large tsunami scene just like the ones we’ve been watching recently on CNN.  The movie is about a psychic, played by Matt Damon, but is in real time telepathically depicting a scene comparable to something from the March 11, 2011 earthquake which was just 80 miles off the north east coast of Honshu, Japan and had a magnitude of 9.. 

The Japan tsunami catastrophe has reached all the way across the Pacific Ocean.  Its surge has been felt as far away as the pacific coast lines of Canada and North, South and Central America.  Boat harbors up and down the coast of California were hit to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. 

Here in Central America numerous of us ex-pats and vacationers received frantic calls and e-mails from our friends and families up north after hearing news reports that, “The Japan tsunami is headed straight for Costa Rica!”  Many of us down here living on the Pacific Coast beach town in Jaco had been so alerted by all of this we got together for an all night tsunami watch.

Respectfully so, we began the night by lighting up a round of cigars in the outdoor Jacuzzi under the stars.  My girlfriend and I were component of a group that was at the hotel for “Desire Explosion” week at the Copacabana Desire Hotel in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.  There was a live band and lots of open minded individuals on vacation and enjoying the ambiance of a truly adult hotel.  A number of couples had been performing the nude pool factor. I wound up here in the Jacuzzi, my girlfriend and I, and 3 other couples smoking cigars and doing a couple of shots of tequila.

As a matter of truth we were so serious about our tsunami watch we decided to post up 1 couple as “tsunami guard” on the beach out in front of the hotel.  So we all decided to pick straws.  The couple with the lengthy straw was to go on the initial shift and the shortest last.  Shifts changed every single other hour so they had been two hour shifts.  My girl and I both got short straws. 

What a fantastic party in the Jacuzzi as we had been all laughing and joking about the couple that just left.  They had to create the hut!  Wow, what a turn on for my girlfriend, the thought of becoming on a actual tsunami watch on a tropical beach!  The hours raced by rapidly and prior to you knew it we found ourselves out there, hunting for a tsunami in the middle of the night on a tropical beach. 

We walked the beach under the stars and the beaming of a nearly full moon.  We were told that the outpost wasn’t too far and that it was in fact pretty comfy.  So as we headed off, south on the beach we could see a dim flicker of candle light up ahead.  We came onto a neatly fabricated hut made of bamboo and palm leaves.  There were lamps made of coconuts and candles everywhere and even an ice chest full drinks and snacks.  It was like some thing out of a scene from Gilligan’s Island.

The sun rose in the Caribbean side and eventually peaked over the hills to shine down on the Pacific Ocean.  Truth be it the Japan Tsunami never made it this far south.  But there was a tsunami alright it was a tsunami of an enchanted night of desire. 

As we all checked out of the hotel at the end of the week, we thanked out lucky stars that the tsunami by no means hit.  I thought possibly I’d in no way see any of these men and women again?  Then I thought I’m not obtaining any younger, so what am I waiting for, you only live when.  My girlfriend and I actually re-connected that night on the beach.  I feel we’ll have to make this a typical thing.  This coming Could 21 by way of May possibly 28, 2011 it will be Provocative Sunset week at the Copacabana Desire Hotel.  What a excellent time to watch the sunset in the rain forest from the tsunami hut of enjoy appropriate in front of the enchanted adult hotel the Copacabana Desire Hotel in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.

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From the cold raging surf banging off the twin towers underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, I have somehow navigated myself somewhere down here on the equator.  At this moment I am temporarily beached at the mouth of the Tarcoles River and up to my neck in crocodiles.  Surely Jaco Beach, Costa Rica is somewhere just around the bend.

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