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The Life and Occasions of Grizzly Adams – Wear the Sun in your Heart – Thom Pace

I grew up watching the Television Series Grizzly Adams and just loved it. I feel it was the building block of how I view Nature these days. I cherish that I was able to locate the entire series on DVD on the web for sale and add it to my collection. Confident it is not the very best of top quality but it brings back so a lot of memories of my childhood and watching it with my loved ones, I’m just happy to have it for sentimental causes. They don’t make series like this anymore and that is sad.. This song “Wear the Sun in your Heart” and “Possibly” by Thom Pace are just fantastic in there meanings I in no way get sick of hearing them.. Song Lyrics: You have no room for the life you’re leadin’ anymore Get away, get away, the path is open Leave the burdens of a world you never knew behind Wear the sun in your heart Hey, Stormy climate, which way you traveling these days? Hey, Let me know! I’ll go the other way Cause you know I left my troubles long ago, Now I’m free And you know with all that freedom there’s a pain haunting me As the clouds move in your worries have all gone Thunder, thunder calls out your name And as the rain falls it will cleanse your tired soul Wear the sun in your heart Evening calls you although the canyons far away Alone, alone your globe begins By way of misty forests life is waiting just for you Wear the sun in your heart Wear the sun in your heart Wear the sun in your heart Wear the sun in your heart Wear the sun in your heart Some information on Thom Pace and the show Grizzly Adams: Thom Pace (born Thomas M

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“You Bet Your Life” US TV series (1947–61) intro / lead-in

Opening credits sequence (16 seasons 528 x c.25-min episodes). Quiz show presented by Groucho Marx

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This Is Your Life Music Movers and Shakers – Bobby Darin and Dick Clark

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Video Rating: four / five

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1 Life To Live Opening September 2011: Version A

This opening capabilities the following characters in order of look: Todd, Téa, Starr, Jack, Blair, Tomas, John, Bo, Clint, Jessica, Natalie, Rex, Gigi, Aubrey (Christine), Cutter, Dorian and Viki.

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The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams – Movie Poster – 11 x 17

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Love, Honor and Cherish: The Greatest Wedding Moments from All My Youngsters, General Hospital, and 1 Life to Live

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Ryan’s Hope || Charmed Life

A music video of the youngsters from Ryan’s Hope. Clip credit: Freeflyur, disabled1955, no2souls, and excuseyou77 John Reid Ryan Baby/Child: Jadrien Steele Edmund Powerful Coleridge Buddy Schultz Ryan Maeve Fenelli Baby/Toddler: Kerry McNamara Child: Jenny Rebecca Dweir Arley Rae Beaulac Unknown Babies Sean Novak/ Sean Ryan Baby: Unknown Child: Danny Tamberelli Grace Coleridge Caroline Wilde Owen “Owney” Ryan Baby: Unknown Toddler: James Patrick O’Neill, Jr. Olivia Coleridge Baby [1987]: Kelly & Melissa Nevins [1988-1989]: Jennifer & Katherine Ostroth Small Mary Ryan Unknown Babies
Video Rating: five / five

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Groucho Marx: You Bet Your Life Episode – Secret Word “Chair” (1954)

1954 The interviews were occasionally so memorable that the contestants became celebrities: “nature boy” well being advocate Robert Bootzin hapless Mexican laborer Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez and his offhandedly comic remarks a witty housewife named Phyllis Diller author Ray Bradbury blues singer and pianist Gladys Bentley strongman Paul Anderson. John Barbour and Ronnie Schell all appeared as contestants although working on the fringes of the entertainment industry. Harland Sanders, who talked about his “finger-lickin’” recipe for fried chicken which he parlayed into the “Kentucky Fried Chicken” chain of restaurants, once appeared as a contestant. A guest purporting to be a wealthy Arabian prince was truly writer William Peter Blatty Groucho saw through the disguise, stating “You are no much more a prince than I am simply because I have an Arabian horse and I know what they look like”. Blatty won 000 and utilised the leave of absence the money afforded him to write The Exorcist. No 1 in the audience knew who contestant Daws Butler was until he began speaking in Huckleberry Hound’s voice. He and his partner went on to win the leading prize of 000. Cajun politician Dudley J. LeBlanc, a Louisiana state senator, demonstrated his winning style at giving campaign speeches in French. General Omar Bradley was teamed with an army private, and Marx goaded the private into telling Bradley almost everything that was wrong with the army. Expert wrestler Wild
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You Bet Your Life Outtakes 1950-52, Part 1

Racy moments from Groucho’s quiz show that couldn’t be broadcast. They had been compiled into “stag reels” for the annual sponsors’ conventions. This is part one of a reel taken from shows filmed in 1950-1952.
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