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The Clash – Interview with Tom Synder 1981

The Clash interviewed on the Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder. June 1981.
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Hollywood Squares – Peter Marshall Interview Hollywood Squares game show host Peter Marshall interview with Explore Talent. Peter Marshall discusses the show, Paul Lynde and how Hollywood Squares began. For more interviews with Peter Marshall go to http Explore Talent helps actors find auditions and jobs for television, film and theater.
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Peter Marshall – exclusive interview

Legendary game show host and actor, Peter Marshall, is the host of “Vintage Hollywood”, one of Time Life’s several infomercials. Get your 25 DVD “Vintage Hollywood” box set here: The Vintage Hollywood Film Collection is an anthology of 50 classic films from the Golden Age of Cinema. Now digitally remastered, these are the movies that defined an era, entertained a generation and personified the magic and glamour of the silver screen. Comedies, Dramas, Family favorites, Adventures, Musicals, Westerns, Thrillers and Film Noir, now you can own them all in one star-filled, exclusive collection. Consists of movie reel shaped collector’s tin, display stand, film guide booklet, and CD of 12 classic movie scores. Also included is 31 original theatrical trailers—many haven’t been noticed in years! Highlights Incorporate: 1. Road to Bali Starring Bing Crosby and Bobe Hope two. His Girl Friday Starring Cary Grant three. Enjoy Affair Starring Irene Dunne 4. A Small Princess Starring Shirley Temple five. Royal Wedding Starring Fred Astaire 6. McLintock! Starring John Wayne 7. My Man Godfrey Starring Carole Lombard 8. My Favorite Brunette Starring Bob Hope 9. Lady of Burlesque Starring Barbara Stanwyck ten. The Outlaw Starring Jane Russell Plus 40 a lot more hit classic movies.
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James Arness 2008 Interview Component 1 of 4

On March 28th, 2008 James Arness was interviewed on radio. The conversation covered a variety of subjects from WW2, Gunsmoke, to his individual life. I have included links to the sites discussed in this interview and I encourage you to check them out. I dedicate these videos to everyone that has to deal with Cerebral Palsy. It is truly a touching interview!

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Martin Luther King Jr Interview (Portion 1 of three)

Martin Luther King Jr. on The Mike Douglas Show

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Ty Hardin interview on Tv westerns did this interview . Ty Hardin played the title character in the warner western Bronco which was part of the Cheyenne show. visit Ty at http
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John Davidson Interview Charlie Bass from interviews entertainer John Davidson, who has received acclaim for his work in theatre, television, film and night clubs. An accomplished singer and composer, he has entertained America for decades on Televison, Broadway, theatre and on the big screen. We all remember John as the longtime host of “Hollywood Squares” as well as a frequent host on the “Tonight Show”. You can listen to the entire interview at
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Raymond Burr interview 1963

Journalist Jack Webster interviews “Perry Mason” star Raymond Burr in 1963 during a break in filming of his hit series.
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Alfred Hitchcock interview (component 1 of 6) Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder Fall 1973

Here it is. Lengthy thought to be lost or destroyed a complete recording has been identified of 1 of the couple of hour lengthy interviews of Alfred Hitchcock . Originally broadcast as one of the initial Tomorrow Shows with Tom Snyder in the Fall of 1973. This recording is from a second repeat of this show broadcast on Memorial day, 1980. The VHS (SP) tape itself was discovered to be in excellent condition. While correctly stored in a climate controlled environment it apparently had not been played in decades. Excellent care has been taken to make the digital transfer. This segment offers with what Alfred Hitchcock himself is afraid of (ie policemen), is he Genuinely a monster?, and what’s his concept of happiness?

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Ayn Rand Interview with Tom Snyder, (1 of 3)

Seeing as how we only have a couple of other interviews with Rand up here on Youtube, I thought I’d add this one to the list. Lesser recognized then the Phill Donahue or Wallace ones, it is still a treat to see her in action.
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