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Ryan’s Hope St. Patrick’s Day 1987 Pt. three

Note: Last appearance of Carrell Myers as Siobhan Ryan and Walt Willey as Joe Novak. Siobhan and Joe will return in late 1988 played by Barbara Blackburn and Roscoe Born. First aired Tuesday March 17, 1987.
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Ryan’s Hope 11-7-88 Pt. 1

Note: This episode picks up just after Max Dubujak tried to kill ex-wife Siobhan Ryan and is shot dead by Siobhan’s husband Joe. The roles of Siobhan and Joe were last played in 1987 by Carrell Myers and Walt Willey. Siobhan is now being played by Barbara Blackburn. Barbara is the fifth and last actress to play the portion. The other people were Sarah Felder (1978-80), Ann Gillespie (1981-82), Marg Helgenberger (1982-86), and Carrell Myers (1986-87). Roscoe Born returns to the role of Joe Novak. Roscoe was the second actor to play Joe, from 1981-1983. The other people were Richard Muenz (1979-80), Michael Hennessey (1983-84), and Walt Willey (1986-87). This episode aired in November 1988 correct after ABC Television announced RH would be going off the air in January 1989.

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What exactly was “Ryan’s Hope” on Ryan’s Hope Soap Opera?

Question by enk: What exactly was “Ryan’s Hope” on Ryan’s Hope Soap Opera?
The name of the show, what did it mean?

Finest answer:

Answer by HipHopGrandma
The hope of a great future for himself (Johnny Ryan) and his young children.

Ryan’s Hope is an American soap opera, revolving about the trials and tribulations of a significant Irish American loved ones in New York City.

The immigrant expertise is normally based on hope, ergo “Ryan’s Hope”.

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Ryan’s Hope Minisode

Thanksgiving 1984. Aired Thursday November 22, 1984.
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Ryan’s Hope “Ryan’s Christening Party”

Jack tries to hurt Mary by bringing a woman to his child’s christening party. No one is pleased. The song for Mary to come soon.
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Ryan’s Hope 1-4-88 Goodbye Jill & Maggie

Notes: With this episode Nancy Addison-Altman (Jill Coleridge Ryan) and Cali Timmins (Maggie Shelby Coleridge) leave the cast of Ryan’s Hope. Both actresses will return for unique appearances throughout the last week of the show in January 1989. Nancy Addison-Altman had been with Ryan’s Hope because the quite beginning. Her departure leaves Helen Gallagher (Maeve Ryan), Bernie Barrow (Johnny Ryan), Ron Hale (Roger Coleridge) AND Michael Levin (Jack Fenelli) as the only original castmembers to remain with Ryan’s Hope for its entire 13 1/2 year run with no breaks. Very first aired Monday January four, 1988.

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Ryan’s Hope 5-27-83 P1.

Aired Thursday/Friday May well 26/27, 1983. **Final 1983 guest appearance of Kate Mulgrew as Mary Ryan.**
Video Rating: four / five

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Ryan’s Hope – Alternate Universe 1994

Clips from the second half hour of a Ryan’s Hope broadcast that aired in late April 1994 (in an alternate universe). This further picks up with the “What if?” concept I started, depicting the future of RH if it hadn’t left the air in 1989. This is the first footage you’ll see of RH’s 1990s-era title visuals, which saw their debut on a two-hour Sunday movie special which aired St. Patrick’s Day, 1991. If the style of the mid-bumper looks familiar, it’s for good reason; Wendy Riche was Executive Producer from 12/1990 onward, so that should give you a big hint! You also get to see what old RH favorites Delia Reid Ryan Ryan Coleridge Crane Coleridge (she and Roger’s second marriage ended in 1990 under James E. Reilly’s horrible reign) Faison (was married to Cesar Faison from 1990 to 1992) Dane (Marco Dane from 1992-93) Coleridge (remarried Roger in the Bahamas, July 1993), Roger and Ryan Fenelli were up to in ’94. Anthony Geary made a crossover to RH, as Luke Spencer, for a six week story arc in the spring of 1994. He was assisting Roger in tracking down his long lost son whom Roger wanted to save from a dangerous life of crime. The son turned out to be much closer to home than originally thought; it was suave mobster Sonny Corinthos, who was on the run with wife Ryan, using the alias “Jake Veritas”. Ryan sneaks back to Riverside, sans Sonny, and aware that Roger is his real father, but has to stay on the down low. Location Notes: The scene from 2:20-3:40 is the main portion

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To Hope or to Act, That is the Question

To Hope or to Act, That is the Question

I want to rant about something I saw in USA TODAY. It was one of those little polls they have off to the side of the stories. The question it posed to small business owners was, “Do you feel there is anything you can do to make a difference in whether your business succeeds or fails in the current economy?”69% said yes. But what shocked me was that 31% said no. WHAT? If that was how they responded, that 31% DESERVE to go out of business.

Take the words “the current economy” out of that question. If you think you can make a difference in good times, why would you think you can’t in tough times? Surely 31% don’t believe they can’t make a difference in their own businesses? Have their brains fallen out?

You can either lie down and “hope something will change to make things better” or “try new things to stimulate business.” (Those were the choices in the USA TODAY poll.) Any time you opt to simply “hope something will change to make things better” you are being a victim. Why would you not try everything possible before you just sat around and “hoped”? Hope is never a bad thing – it is hope that has that 69% trying new things. But hope should start at home. Get off your own butt before you expect some secret external factor to come in and bail you out. (And I do mean bail out.)

Bail yourself out and you have security. You’ll know what to do next time. You’ll be stronger, more competitive, smarter. Let someone else bail you out and you rely on them forever (hear me, Big Three?). Do kids learn to walk because you carry them? No. They learn to walk by falling a few times and working like crazy to say upright.

I know we can’t control much, but I will NEVER believe that hoping is better than taking action.

“It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”

Theodore Roosevelt “Citizenship in a Republic,”Speech at the Sorbonne, Paris, April 23, 1910

Do you want to be someone who dared greatly or someone who hoped things would change?

How to do more than hope:

1.) Define the problem. Are sales down or expenses up? Is your marriage bad or have you quit trying? Are your fixed expenses too high or is it all those lattes, magazines, and shoes that are wrecking your finances?

2.) Make a plan. If sales are down, what’s the best way to get them back up? If your relationship is in trouble, what’s the best way to get it back on track? What actually worked in the past? Is it a viable option today? What new ideas do you want to try? Gather information here; don’t just act for the sake of acting. Take the correct action.

3.) But don’t get bogged down in research and planning – you need to act as quickly as possible. Your competitors are acting as well. While you feel a sense of urgency, get on it!

4.) Do it! And do it in a big way! Why act just a little? Now I’m not saying put all your eggs in one basket, but now is not the time for timidity. Be bold! I am in the process of redoing my website and getting a book designed and printed. Both are big marketing expenditures. What better time to spend money on marketing? Why try a little fix for a relationship in trouble? It’s not going to get better by delaying or trying something risk-free. If you are in the arena, are you going to try your smallest weapon first? No way – you’ll do what it takes to WIN!

5.) Do not give up! Let the 31% give up. Let them sit there as the fight rages and hope something might happen so they don’t get killed. Fight for what you want in life with everything you have. It’s the fighters who will either win or emerge much stronger to fight another day.

6.) Know what you really want. Don’t try this strategy if you are not sure you really want your business or your relationship or whatever it is. This strategy only works if fueled by true passion and desire. Can’t commit? Can’t decide? Join the 31% and get out of the way of the rest of us.

Roll up your sleeves, get in the arena! Your life, your business, your world is what YOU make it. That 31% should be ashamed.

Denise Ryan, MBA, is a Certified Speaking Professional, a designation of excellence held by less than 10% of all professional speakers. She is a blogger

Her website is where you can see more articles and sign up for a free newsletter.

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Ryan’s Hope

Ryan’s Hope 1977

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