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The Life and Occasions of Grizzly Adams – Wear the Sun in your Heart – Thom Pace

I grew up watching the Television Series Grizzly Adams and just loved it. I feel it was the building block of how I view Nature these days. I cherish that I was able to locate the entire series on DVD on the web for sale and add it to my collection. Confident it is not the very best of top quality but it brings back so a lot of memories of my childhood and watching it with my loved ones, I’m just happy to have it for sentimental causes. They don’t make series like this anymore and that is sad.. This song “Wear the Sun in your Heart” and “Possibly” by Thom Pace are just fantastic in there meanings I in no way get sick of hearing them.. Song Lyrics: You have no room for the life you’re leadin’ anymore Get away, get away, the path is open Leave the burdens of a world you never knew behind Wear the sun in your heart Hey, Stormy climate, which way you traveling these days? Hey, Let me know! I’ll go the other way Cause you know I left my troubles long ago, Now I’m free And you know with all that freedom there’s a pain haunting me As the clouds move in your worries have all gone Thunder, thunder calls out your name And as the rain falls it will cleanse your tired soul Wear the sun in your heart Evening calls you although the canyons far away Alone, alone your globe begins By way of misty forests life is waiting just for you Wear the sun in your heart Wear the sun in your heart Wear the sun in your heart Wear the sun in your heart Wear the sun in your heart Some information on Thom Pace and the show Grizzly Adams: Thom Pace (born Thomas M

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