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Andy Kaufman on Dating Game, Santa Claus question

Andy Kaufman was on the dating game in the 70′s and did this excellent bit based on a rhetorical question. The possible date asks him if she were Santa and he sat on her lap what would he ask for. Hilarious!

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Classic Game Room – STARGATE Pinball Machine review

Classic Game Room revews the STARGATE Pinball Machine by Gottlieb produced in 1995 which is based on the 1994 movie, Stargate! SHOOT THE PYRAMID! This mid-90′s pinball machine has the music and sound effects from the awesome Science Fiction classic, Stargate. Kurt Russel and James Spader are featured on the ramps, the video screen delivers enjoyable scenes from the movie and you’ll play your way by way of numerous adventures as you rack up huge points on the Stargate pinball playfield. The back glass has a cool appear to it and the overall machine is difficult and enjoyable to play for Stargate and pinball fans. This CGR evaluation of Stargate pinball has gameplay from the Stargate pinball machine at PAPA World Headquarters, property of the Pinball Globe Championships.
Video Rating: four / 5

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Fantastic Game Show Moments The strangest placees…

Newlywed game show. Censured word… (in the AaS)
Video Rating: 4 / five

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Match Game 74

Match Game 74

Image by be OH be
GSN had been playing Match Game episodes in chronilogical order for some time and was properly into the 1976 season when suddenly they jumped back to 1974. The regulars all looked a tad younger and Gene’s microphone was noticably shorter.

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Skin Game

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Dating Game

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Endless Games The Newlywed Game – Deluxe Edition

Endless Games The Newlywed Game – Deluxe Edition Price Comparison
With The Newlywed Game Deluxe Edition, it’s couple versus couple in this ho… The Newlywed Game – Deluxe Edition – Endless Games|The Newlywed Game – Deluxe Edition|game shows|getting to know you|trivia|love|couples|newleywed game|newly wed game|…
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Mary Hartman Mary Hartman Game – 1977

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What Would You Do If… Free Party Game

What Would You Do If… Free of charge Party Game

LOLriffic Stuff~~Appreciate playing one of the funniest group party games you could ever play! Locate out from your buddies the dirt on what they would do in funny, provocative, fascinating, and unusual situations!*** Free of charge EDITION Obtainable FOR A LIMITED TIME! *******What Would You Do If…****** If you could literally undo anything you do with one catch, you can’t undo your death?* If you accidentally discovered your newlywed wife wasn’t really a woman?* If you never ever failed at whatever you tried?* If you hated your sister-in-law and she left her toothbrush in the bathroom on top of the toilet?* If you had been suicidal and woke up sprawled on the deck of a cargo ship far out at sea with the last thing you bear in mind is jumping off a bridge?* If you bought a stuffed toy unicorn on eBay heavily marked “No returns” and it turned out to be the real living thing?* If you died but came back to life a few years later?* If you just happened to be dressed up like the zookeeper who performs a show with lions and got shoved up on stage to give a performance?Get pleasure from OVER 200 OF THESE FUNNY, Fascinating, AND CURIOUS WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF…? QUESTIONS FOR A Enjoyable FILLED PARTY GAME!It is a enjoyable way to pass the time on a bus or train going to school or function. And it’s even much more hilarious to play with other people at a party or social gathering with your pals or boyfriend / girlfriend. The more you drink, the funnier everyone’s answers will get!Laugh at funny, peculiar, or awkward situations and discovering out what other people or you would do when presented with these opportunities you usually would in no way get in life? Like What Would You Do If (WWYD?) if you could choose up and recognize any language inside seconds of hearing it but often sound like an idiot speaking it? Would you travel the world? Would you grow to be a universal translator and beg your customers only to give you written translations or otherwise be deemed a fool? Or would you go ahead and forget your special talent and not care about it and do what you are performing now with your life?This game can quickly be the life of the party and is simple to use, just click next for the next WWYD? funny situation to laugh at with your friends, bf, gf or co workers on break.If you like party games like Would you rather? or I’ve by no means ever? / In no way have I ever? Then you’ll adore this game of WWYD — virtually like a game of WWJD, what would Jesus do but with intriguing and funny situations instead!*** DOWNLOAD FOR Free of charge FROM ITUNES FOR A LIMTED TIME! ***

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Sold by Apple iTunes

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Michael Jackson On The dating Game Show (1972) !!!RARE!!!

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson I Really like you….so significantly! You will live in my heart forever and ever!!! I’ll in no way forget the fantastic times. And lastly, I’ll see you once more, enjoy. :-) THIS IS IT! THE VIDEO YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! Michael Jackson on the Dating Game Show! He was 14 years old! This is SUPER rare, SUPER funny and SUPER embarrassing……….for Michael Lol! COMMENT!!! ALL comments are accepted simply because I respect everybody’s opinions just please do not be to hard on the guy(hes my favorite!) PS. iF you are a Michael Jackson fan ADD ME!!

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