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Denise Richards Reaction to Charlie Sheen’s Hotel Freakout on Fox & Friends

I usually don’t post much about current television events, but I did catch something on the news this moment that I felt I had to document. We’ve all heard about Charlie Sheen tearing up a New York City hotel room and then being hospitalized. But in a freak coincidence of promotional booking, Charlie’s ex-wife Denise Richards is making the rounds of the talk shows promoting her guest appearance on a show on Spike called “Blue Mountain State”.

I was watching Fox & Friends this morning on Fox News. They were about to cut to a commercial break but before they did, they cut to a shot of their green room and teased the upcoming segment featuring Denise Richards. There she was waving at the camera and the Steve Doocy mentioned she had an upcoming book, a new series and she was dealing with her ex-husband’s shenanigans. I couldn’t believe the bad timing.

Denise Richards caught in the aftermath of Charlie Sheen's shenanigans

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